Interior 2019 - what's new

The beginning of 2019 is the time for us to check what trends will apply to the interior design. The beginning of the year is the best time to look at what will change and what will remain. Fashion for interior decoration is also changing - it is worth to know them, because the beginning of the year is often the time of planning changes in the appearance of houses / apartments. Remember that trends are very often simply inspirations that we do not need to reproduce 1: 1. Let's adjust them to the size of the interior, and above all to what we like the most, with which we feel good.

Interior 2019 - what's new

The year 2019 brings with it a lot of changes. However, these changes are rather modifications, novelties that are to vary the styles that we already know and like. Therefore, simplicity, functionality and nature will continue to rule. Light and space. However, all this will be diversified with new shapes, colors and textures. Let's look at the most important changes.

What will change

Shapes. The shapes of tiles will change, so far we have been enjoying quadrangles or hexagons now entering the world of triangles. Modern tiles are triangular tiles without patterns. Patterns do not go completely, but their character will change. On the tiles in classic shapes they will be large and asymmetrical, going beyond the space of one plate.

Subsequent changes concern elements of interior design, specifically furniture. Here, rounded outlines will appear. Round shapes will appear in holiday sets and in additions such as coffee tables, chairs, armchairs, tables.

Colors. In this place we have the biggest changes - more intense colors are probably the most important trend of 2019. Less common are monochromatic interiors, dominated by white or gray. And it's not only about accessories, but also walls - in a modern living room or bedroom, one should be reserved for an intense color. However, colors will still refer to nature: above all, they will be green and blue and their shades.

Kitchens are also more colorful; furniture fronts will slowly cease to be white and varnished to a high gloss, and will become colorful and matte: navy blue, dark green, and even maroon or black. As for the kitchen, small changes will occur in the materials of the countertops; light stone marble and granite will be increasingly replaced by black marble, dark quartz, polished concrete and terrazzo.

Style. The year 2019 is the time of mixing styles, diversifying them with others and the emergence of new trends. The Scandinavian style still applies: nature, space, light, functionality. However, new elements appear in it, accretions from other sources that diversify the classic Scandinavian one. The so-called scandi-boho, characterized by patterned carpets, colorful accessories, plants, wooden furniture with visible rings, white walls. Scandi-boho in total is very similar to the classic Scandinavian, because it is based on natural materials, thanks to which both are complementarily tasteful. On the basis of the minimalist Scandinavian style there is also a new nordic that puts functionality on the equipment and cosiness. Patterned wallpapers and finishes in black and matt are new. An important element here is also the floor, it is to be made of light natural wood. In 2019, interior design inspirations will also be drawn from art deco, so symmetrical and geometric shapes, characteristic textures of materials and design will return.