Window decoration and covering

The topic of window covering is not always out of date. The key reasons must be sought in fashion and functionality.

The way of covering windowssubject to fashion laws, which is constantly changing. In the past, it was only possible to choose from curtains and drapes. Today, we choose from among many different projects in the groups of blinds and roller blinds. New solutions appear, wider colors and new textures of the materials. New solutions appear because the tastes of customers and the way they decorate their homes and arrange interiors change. These changes, in turn, affect what the window space is obscured by. Because we have a fashion for large windows, the more cover needs to be adjusted to the whole decor, so that the arrangement chaos does not prevail.

Window covers are essential in every interior. They are characterized by minimalism and the ability to perfectly fit into the windows. Today, we are primarily thinking about the maximum lighting of the rooms, making them more spacious. However, without covers in the rooms during the warmer days would be unbearable heat. In addition, all the space would be exposed to the outside, and each of us in our own home has a need for intimacy.

Pleats - something special
The offer of internal window covers attracts attentionplacket. Ich projekt nie przypomina żadnej z klasycznych żaluzji czy rolet. Materiał jest, jak sama nazwa wskazuje, plisowany. Umieszczony jest pomiędzy dwiema listwami, które zapewniają mu estetyczny wygląd (układanie się) oraz służą do ustawiania placket w odpowiednim miejscu na szybie.

What is special about pleats besides the arrangement of their material? It can be found anywhere in the window space - up, down, in the middle or stretched all over the glass. The slats move along the frame and allow for any solution. It helps to protect the interior from the sun. During the day, it not only moves through the sky, but also moves upwards until noon, and in the afternoon lowers its position, changing the angle of its incidence. Thanks to the pleats, we cover this part of the glass on which the sun is shining at the given moment, and the remaining one remains open. Thanks to this, the interiors are full of natural light without overheating.

W jakich pomieszczeniach zastosować placket
placket można wykorzystać w każdym z pomieszczeń znajdujących się w domu. Oferta w sklepie internetowym Knall zawiera szeroką gamę kolorystyczną, co pozwala dopasować osłonę do aranżacji wnętrza. Materiał plis różni się też fakturą; dostępne są materiały cieńsze bardziej przepuszczające światło; sprawdzą się w kuchni czy pokoju dziennym. Do wyboru są także materiały grubsze, zaciemniające bardziej odpowiednie np. w sypialniach. placket szczególnie polecane są do pokoi dziecięcych ponieważ nie mają żadnych elementów, które można odczepić i połknąć np. koraliki mechanizmów sznurkowych.

In order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the pleats, it is enough to regularly remove dust from them by cleaning them with a dry or slightly damp cloth. It is worth remembering that the material is antistatic and does not attract dirt to a large extent.