Arranging the interior design in 2020

The beginning of the year is the time when we begin to look at the changes taking place in the ways of arranging interior design. What's new, what's left, what's gone Every year, designers create new proposals. It is worth knowing them because they are an interesting inspiration for changes.

Changes in the interior design of the house/flat or furnishing a new one; In both cases, trends can be an interesting hint. Getting to know interior curiosities will change the appearance of your home. New color, new accessories or textiles and suddenly our interiors become quite different.

Key trends
The year 2020 brings a lot of changes in interior design. The most prominent are: plants, earth colors, natural materials, design, and recycling. Under these words - the key lies the secret of interior design novelties of 2020.

ROA> rope- they appear everywhere; both in the design of additions and as an element of arrangement. Plant patterns on bedding, rugs, wallpapers, curtains and upholstery are not new. They appear in architects' designs for some time. Colorful flowers and dark green leaves combine to create a unique atmosphere (it is worth noting that the designs are large). This year, natural plants are added to this (even the word 'biophilia' appears in trends). Flowers and potted plants and their ubiquitous greenery are to create the urban jungle climate, clean the air in apartments and improve our mood and well-being. 2020 is a definite return to nature.

Earth colors- 2020 belongs to colors inspired by nature. Brown, shades of sand, coral, red, and above all, green in various shades (one of the most fashionable will be the neo mint shade). Green is a timeless color, this year is to be an expression of harmony with nature, a combination of modernity, peace flowing from nature and freshness, which is often lacking in urban surroundings . Strong color accents are not only walls, but also accessories, accessories, furniture upholstery or cabinet fronts.

Natural materials- green color perfectly harmonizes with wood and stone, which are the key materials used in interior finishing. The most fashionable will be dark shades of wood: ebony, mahogany and rosewood, as well as warm shades of oak and walnut. Necessarily with the grain picture visible. Stone countertops, in turn, should have a visible trim pattern.

African design- the projects show clear inspiration for the culture of this continent. Ethnic patterns and expressive cardboard appear in home textiles (pillows, blankets). The colors include deep cobalt, red and sunny yellow. Patterns are repetitions of geometric figures as well as cent and stripe motifs. In interiors decorated in this style, there should be plenty of additions in the form of African sculptures and hand-made objects stylized as souvenirs from travel, braids and thickly woven fabrics.

recycling- eco-trends are clearly visible in the projects. It means making furniture and accessories from recycling materials and renovating old tables, wardrobes, chests, chairs, etc.

As a "dot above and" in interior design innovations there appears ... a lamp. In 2020 lamps and chandeliers should resemble artistic installations, the composition of a network of wires and points of light. So it is important here lightweight geometric design complementing the interior design of a modern interior.

What's in the windows
Window covers are primarily natural materials, regardless of whether we decideblinds/ Blinds docurtains. Windows are an element of complementing the interior without the effect of dominating the interior; it's important because in glazing all the time large glazing remains, through which the house is to enter as much light as possible.

The year 2020 is the intense colors of additions and walls (individual, emphasizing the arrangement), therefore the color of the covers should be neutral. We have a whole palette of earth colors to choose from, and the  set of colors on both blinds and curtains will let you choose the right shade.