Curtains - protection of modern interiors from the sun

Curtains are increasingly appearing in modern interior arrangements. They make them cozy, even those with an open space and a large surface. Sewn from high quality natural materials, they are nothing like curtains from years ago. Differences in fabric thickness, different textures and extensive colors mean that they can be easily adapted to both the function of the rooms and the design of their appearance.

Curtains, like blinds and blinds, primarily have the function of protecting the interior from the sun. The shutters are to reduce the temperature in the rooms and limit the harmful effects of UV rays, which may include cause the colors of walls or furniture to fade. However, their decorative function deserves special attention. The curtains' closed area makes the house extremely cozy. Revealed, they can also attract attention by creating something around the windows in the shape of the frame. In both cases, they are a decorative addition to the interior design. However, it should be remembered that even the moved curtains take quite a lot of space all the time (compared to roller blinds/blinds), so you need to think about their color and thickness of the fabric so as not to "overwhelm" the rooms. This is especially true for those with smaller areas.

Materials and colors of curtains
The materials from which the curtains are sewn are natural, identical to those in the offer of Roman blinds. What is important, you can choose not only from a large palette of colors, but also thick fabrics. In this way, the curtains additionally gain the function of curtains.

Functionality is an important word when choosing the way to cover windows. The more that larger glazing appears not only in single-family housing, but also in modern housing projects. A well-lit interior is a place full of space and one where we feel really good. It becomes even more important how we protect them from excessive heating in hot weather, while maintaining the style of home/apartment decor.

The functionality of curtains focuses primarily on differences in the thickness of fabrics. The offer includes transparent, semi-translucent fabrics; ideally suited to the living room (especially if it creates a large space by connecting with the kitchen). In addition, you can opt for bright colors. In this way, we will create a place full of softly muted light. This solution will also work well in smaller rooms; delicate fabric combined with light colors will not optically reduce or overwhelm them. In turn, in rooms where we need blackout, thick material textures will work. They will completely obscure the sun's rays, creating a deep shadow.

Colors in the case of curtain materials are characterized by a wide variety; we can choose from an extensive palette of light colors (from white to various shades of ecru), a whole range of pastels, dark colors (brown, pomegranate, gray, black), and additionally bright, attract particular colors (fuchsia, orange, green, etc.). In addition, the materials are characterized by a variety of textures creating various patterns.

Ways to get drunk
Beautiful, natural material and a color chosen for the interior arrangement is one thing. Equally important is how to close the curtain material. It is to be arranged aesthetically after sliding/spreading, regardless of the thickness of the fabric. Only then does the whole become extremely decorative.
There are three ways to get up and choose:

  • For ceiling curtain rods- rings, braces or ribbons with pockets. Rings are available in silver, satin and patina brown.
  • Na specjalne szyny sufitowe – sterowanie ręczne lub sznurkowe. Curtains na taśmach z różnymi rodzajami upięć.
  • Mikroflex- a system in which small plastic hooks are used to lay the material (three types of straps).

Because now the curtains are sewn from high quality natural fabrics, it is also ensured that as little as possible attracts dirt. Their anti-static makes care for cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of curtains is no longer such a big problem.