Sectional garage doors - aesthetics and home security

Garage doors are an important element of the external facade of houses. Their aesthetics affect the aesthetics of the entire building, which is why the garage door has long ceased to be just closing the garage. On one hand, modern technical solutions make garage doors solid, easy to install and safe and easy to use. On the other hand, companies involved in the production of garage doors make sure that their coat and all accessories are aesthetic. It is associated with, among others with colors that allows you to choose a garage door to match the overall design of the building.

Modern garage gatesit is also strength. When choosing a gate, we should not focus on price, but choose a model that will be made of high quality materials; thus, it will also be completely safe in use, resistant to weather conditions and possible burglary attempts.

Ease of use
Sectional garage doors are the most popular among consumers. Over 80% of people who build or renovate a house choose them. Their popularity consists of many factors: safety and convenience of use, high quality of the materials from which they are produced, and aesthetics.

The convenience of using sectional doors relates to automation. Automation allows you to raise and lower the gate leaf without leaving the car. This is especially true during bad weather. At the same time, the gate moves smoothly and quietly. It is also important that sectional doors do not slide in front of the garage face - they move up/down. The driveway does not have to be long, it matters, e.g. for terraced buildings. With single-family housing we gain a place where, for example, decorative plants can be found. This solution means that you also don't have to worry about clearing the driveway in the winter.

The durability of sectional doors is primarily related to their quality. Modern construction solutions translate into silent and quick opening/closing of the coat; they are also equipped with a system that prevents them from closing if the gate encounters an obstacle. In the event of a power failure, the emergency mechanical system will allow the door to be opened and closed manually. The design alone does not reduce the width of the entrance because it is mounted to the inside of the garage; therefore, the shapes and dimensions of the lintel do not matter during assembly. The segments of the coat are mounted on guides that seal the whole and protect against wind gusts. This design also translates into very good thermal insulation (energy efficiency of the building) and security (preventing possible break-in).

Fakro - manufacturer of garage doors
Fakro is known for the high quality of offered products. Associated primarily withroof window production, but also offers sectional garage doors from the seriesINNOVIEW LINE. The Knall online store has been working with the Fakro brand for years, and now we have expanded our offer to include Fakro garage doors.

Fakro garage doors meet all requirements for this type of products: they are modern, safe, aesthetic and made of the highest quality materials. Modern solutions related to the door control fit into the concept of the Smart Home, and polyurethane foam (40mm) protects the garage interior from both overheating and cooling, which translates to a large extent for energy saving of the whole building.

Fakro garage doors are also very safe to use - spring protection against breakage, photocells and overload sensors in the automatic devices ensure that the safety rules are fully observed. This can be particularly important if there are small children at home.