Aluminum venetian blinds

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Aluminum venetian blinds

Aluminum venetian blinds

One of the best known and traditional shielding systems which has been present in our houses for many years. Still, it remains popular, mainly due to the possibility of the angle of the light incidence regulation. The development of Venetian blinds has made it more attractive by introducing its various types. In our store, we offer aluminum venetian blinds in four groups:


Standard the aluminium ones are the most universal as they are available in a wide range of colours.


Specjal it is a standard aluminum venetian blinds enriched with new attractive lamella design.


Wood look classical aluminium Venetian blinds, however, are characterised by slats' colours similar to wood, which are available in the width of 25 and 50 mm. They can be additionally decorated by elements made of wood such as: an upper masking frame or a stick which make them look more aesthetically.


Perforated a respond for the demands of interesting spacial arrangements characterised by a modern style. Perforation of the slats enables them to filter the sun rays more effectively, simultaneously, not dimming the room. This way of protection from the negative effects of the sun light is highly recommended for various kinds of offices. Wooden accessories make the look of Venetain blinds even more aesthetic and elegant.