Roller blinds FAKRO

FAKRO roller blinds

* All FAKRO products are 100% genuine

If you open your roof window you will find a type sign on the top of the window on the right or left hand side.

* To properly select the size of accessories, it is necessary to know the size of the window, which is given on the rating plate on the window sash

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Roller blinds FAKRO

Roller Blinds FAKRO

Live with colours ...
The standard roller blinds protects from the light and at the same time can be an additional element of decoration in the attic. The roller blind reduces the amount of incoming light, adds style to the room, and the wide range of fabric designs (plain, patterned) allows you to match or contrast the blind's material with the decor of any room.

Roller blind is a material rolled up on a roller with the spring. It has an elegant aluminium fascia, which hides the roller. Three pairs of fastenings installed on the sash allow the blind to be fixed in different positions.


  • gradual reduction of incoming light,
  • wide range of colours to satisfy individual tastes,
  • three different fixing positions,
  • partial reduction of the heat excess in a room*
  • provides privacy by covering the window.