Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds is a system that eff ectively protects the room from excessive sunlight. In contrast to the classic roller blinds or other shutters, pleated blind allows to cover any part of the window. Chose your Pleated blinds system:

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Pleated Blinds COSIMO

The pleated blinds are window coverings, which effectively protects your apartment or office against excessive sunlight. Contrary to a classical blind or shadow, the pleated blind allows to cover any given fragment of your window. Thanks to functionality of pleats and a wide array of fabrics, protection against sunlight is more effective, and the rooms acquire a new and an original appearance.

The pleated blinds are appearing in our homes more and more often. The reason for this is first of all the fact that it is a highly practical solution. Thanks to the pleated fabric, windows look especially original. They perfectly suit to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, they also go along with roof windows. Internal pleated blind According to needs and a type of the applied pleat, the blind may be operated manually or equipped in an electric motor. A wide range of fabrics will meet the expectations both with regard to decorative and blinding respect.


Our offer embraces 5 colors of equipment and 15 group of fabric: BASEL, COCO, FEMI, FIORE, JAIPUR, KAMARI, LIONA, MONTREAL, MONTREAL BO, OP, STOCKHOLM, STONE, YORK, YUKI, ZURI



  • pleated blinds allow to cover a chosen fragment of window
  • a possibility to work on all surfaces, from vertical to horizontal level
  • a wide choice of fabrics
  • 5 colors of mechanisms to choose from
  • fits perfectly to original shapes of windows
  • high endurance and durability of fabric
  • a possibility to apply an electric drive