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Screen roller blinds

External screen type blinds

Screen external blinds are one of the most modern solutions in the group of external covers. Innovation is based on the materials used in the production process. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a cover without shine, but you can also choose one in which the shutter armor does not completely block the sun's rays. Until now, external blinds completely obscured the interiors and there was no option to let the light pass through this type of cover. The screen-type roller blinds feature a special high-quality material resembling a fine mesh. The material covering the window surface itself is a combination of glass fibers and PVC plastic. The profiles are made of the highest quality aluminum sheet.
The innovative material of the armor measurably affects the comfort of staying in the rooms while the blind is lowered. First of all, as with any outside mounted cover, the screen type roller blind creates a barrier to the sun and prevents direct sunlight from coming into contact with the glass. Thanks to this, it is also called "thermal screen". At the same time, the screen does not completely obscure the interior thanks to its armor mesh.
You can use the daylight without the need for artificial lighting. This is especially important when working with a computer or watching TV - the even and dim sunlight is not so harmful to human eyes. That is why screen roller shutters are perfect not only in residential houses, but also in office buildings.

Functionality of screen type roller shutters

The functionality of the screen roller shutters is closely related to the high-quality material from which they are produced. Due to small openings, when lowered, the roller shutter does not block the natural light, but still provides an excellent protection against heating. At the same time, as an external shield, the screen also has the property of preventing heat from escaping from the building. When it gets cold outside, the building loses most of its heat through the windows; a barrier in the form of a roller shutter reduces heat losses, and thus affects the economy of the building. That is why this type of roller shutters are eagerly used in modern construction of energy-efficient houses.

The screens allow you to take advantage of natural light, which affects the comfort of staying in the rooms after leaving them. The intense sunlight, once diffused, is no longer so harmful to the eyes, especially when we work at home and use a computer. Thus, screen roller shutters are perfect for buildings where all kinds of screens are used. The transparent mesh also allows you to use the open windows - when the outside is pleasant warm, and not hot, the fresh air makes the stay in the room more pleasant, and the fact that the screen lets the light through allows it to function freely . At the same time, the interior is protected against view from the outside. The residents can feel at ease inside; mesh provides intimacy.

In addition, the screen type roller shutter net also functions as a mosquito net. Opening the windows will not cause the appearance of unwanted insects at home or in the office. With the blind down, you can leave the windows open and turn on the lights when it gets dark outside without fear that it will attract nuisance insects. The screen mesh is also a great protection against dust and dirt. Dirt depositing on furniture or other equipment does not enter the interior. This is especially true when your home is on a busy street or your office is in the city center, where many vehicles move daily.

An unquestionable advantage of screen type roller shutters is also the extensive color palette in which they are produced. This makes it easier to match them to the appearance of the facade. Thanks to this, the house or office building is characterized by an aesthetic external appearance and "harmony" with the surroundings.

Mounting of external screen type roller shutters

Screen type roller shutters can be installed not only in houses that are under construction, but also in those that are already in use. This should be entrusted to a professional team.

The screen type roller shutters are controlled automatically; In the Knall shop we offer Selve motors and renowned Somfy drives. You can also install automatic dusk sensors, time control or a control system integrated with home automation (smart homes).

Screen blinds can be operated with a remote control or a switch. It is also possible to combine roller shutters into groups and to install a drive equipped with a sensor detecting obstacles.

Product groups

Screen type roller shutters are available in two groups: HEROAL STANDARD and HEROAL ZIP.

HEROAL STANDARD is a classic external screen roller blind. It is assumed in a building at the construction stage or in an existing one. The mesh transmits light; it also acts as a mosquito net and is a barrier against dust and dirt. Manufactured to the size specified when ordering; it can also be adapted to large glazing.

HEROAL ZIP is the PREMIUM version of screen type roller shutters. Their characteristic feature are side guides integrated with the fabric. The zipper closure technology allows for perfect tension of the roller shutter; at the same time, this type of screen is very resistant to gusts of wind - up to 145 km/h.

You can choose different color versions in both groups.