Electric curtain poles

From very quiet operation, soft start and stop, to the memory function, stop on resistance and start by pulling the curtain.
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Electric curtain poles

Electric curtain rails - product characteristics

Electric curtain rails are a product that meets the needs of modern interior finishing methods - they combine a tasteful appearance and comfort of use. The curtain rod itself is an essential element when windows are to be covered with decorative curtains. In modern construction, windows are designed in larger, often non-standard sizes. In addition, glazing can form entire walls. The designs also include windows with non-standard shapes. Electric curtain rails are perfect for large windows, when both the size and the resulting weight of the curtain fabric need to be properly supported. In addition, electric curtain rails can have the shape of an arch, which allows you to cover the windows that form glass walls.

Large glazing nicely illuminates the interior, making it more spacious and full of light. However, the interiors heat up quickly and are very well visible from the outside (especially if the light is on inside). That is why it is worth ensuring intimacy and comfort. Decorative curtains, which also function as curtains, require appropriate pinning up. They should also slide and slide easily. It is not difficult to do with smaller areas of the fabric. However, in more spacious interiors or in rooms, e.g. connecting the kitchen with the living room, the surface of the curtain material becomes large, and therefore also heavy.

Electric curtain rails will keep a large area of the curtain and make it easier to slide. The electric drive is quiet and easy to control with a remote control. The mechanism is practically invisible, so it will not disturb the aesthetics of the whole.

Advantages of electric curtain rails

Electric curtain rails facilitate the daily use of curtains and decorative curtains. The electric drive they are equipped with is controlled by a remote control, via apps or manually in an emergency. Applications for the automatic control of curtain rods are: Google assistant, Android, IOS and Alexa Amazon. This solution fits in with the general assumptions of the so-called "Smart homes". These solutions are designed to facilitate the use of home appliances.

Electric curtain rails are designed in such a way that they can be installed in a straight section as well as in a curve. In this way, the entire interior will be aesthetically covered. This solution works very well not only in residential houses, but also in hotels and conference rooms.

A curtain rod is an indispensable piece of equipment for decorative curtains. The choice of curtain materials is extensive so that they can also function as curtains. Thicker and non-transparent fabrics will shade the interior and completely shield it from the view from the outside. Light and transparent materials as curtains will cover the room, but at the same time let natural light into them. Electric curtain rails allow you to control two rows of covers. Thus, it is possible to cover the windows with curtains and curtains and control them in both layers by means of an electric drive.

Feierge electric curtain rails drive is equipped with the so-called "Soft start / stop". This means that when starting, and above all when stopping, the fabric stands still without the effect of unsightly rocking. This is important especially with larger curtains. Moreover, the system stops the blind when it encounters an obstacle; the system can be restarted by pulling the fabric. The intelligent limiter has a memory function, so there is no need to set it manually. The entire drive is located in an invisible place and does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the whole. In addition, it is very quiet, which further increases the comfort of its use.

The installation of the device is very simple. The guide is made of aluminum. The electric curtain rail system can be ordered to size. The maximum length is 2m; if the curtain rod is to be longer, the elements should be joined, which does not affect the ease of assembly and the quality of the device's operation.

Electric curtain rails are primarily a convenience. The drive starts the fabric without any problems moving even large surfaces. The fabric is neatly arranged and neatly pinned. There is also no problem with placing it on the bow. Controlling the double layer of fabric makes it possible to use both the decorative functions of curtains and curtains. Thanks to this, the electric curtain rail is not only a convenience, but also no restrictions in interior decoration, if curtains and curtains are to appear in the rooms. Decorative curtains give the interior a warm atmosphere. They warm up minimalist rooms. They also bring a unique atmosphere to very spacious rooms. They are sewn from natural fabrics and retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time, and at the same time are in line with ecological trends in interior design.

Knall electric curtain rails

The electric curtain rails offered in our online store are the KNALL model equipped with the Feierge electric drive. The curtain drive is equipped with a receiver compatible with all KNALL transmitters. The curtains can be controlled individually or in groups. The product specification includes a short film with installation instructions for the electric curtain rod. There is also a video showing the correct operation of the curtain with an electric curtain rod.

When placing orders in the Knall online store, fill in the indicated parameters, and then add the product to the basket. The order amount is displayed under the photo. In the selection boxes next to the question marks (upper right corner) there are tips to help you place an order online.