How much do external blinds cost?

The cost of external blinds is not always the same. It depends primarily on their type, although the quality of their execution is also of great importance. The prices of the most classic, surface-mounted external roller shutters start from 90 GBP. However, you have to pay twice as much for flush-mounted external roller shutters with a mosquito net. The number of blinds also affects the purchase cost. It can also be increased by the installation service, because it involves a high cost of a qualified installer's man-hour and additional travel costs, but the installation of the roller shutter itself is not very complicated and many users install them on their own.

Is it worth installing external blinds?

Many people are cautious about investing in external blinds. However, there are at least a few strong arguments in favor of their purchase. It is these window covers that make it possible to enjoy higher room temperatures in winter and lower in summer. Well-fitting external blinds are therefore able to contribute to lower home maintenance bills. Blinds also provide us with better sound insulation. They are also a more difficult obstacle than window glass when someone is about to get into the house without our permission.

Do roller shutters retain heat?

External blinds for windows, when properly adjusted, can significantly reduce the bills we pay for heating. They are able to reduce heat loss. People professionally involved in their production and assembly emphasize that this reduction can be up to 15 percent in the case of passive windows. When in our houses there are still windows of the old type, the profits can be even greater. The roller shutter armor itself is able to inhibit the flow of heat, becoming an impenetrable barrier. The lowered roller blind behaves like a cushion in which there is still air. It is it that is an extremely effective insulator.

Which external blinds to choose?

The most classic division of external roller shutters applies to surface-mounted and flush-mounted models. When a house or apartment is still under construction, the purchase of flush-mounted roller shutters seems to be the best option. Their cassette is invisible to the eye, and solid assembly ensures many years of safe use. In other circumstances, surface-mounted blinds will be a better option. Their structural elements remain uncovered, but the advantage of surface-mounted roller shutters is definitely lower price. Also their assembly is described as less complicated. So we can easily do it on our own.

How much do terrace pergolas cost?

The price of terrace pergolas depends on many factors. Their size is of key importance, but it is also important whether we are dealing with wall-mounted or free-standing models. The former are based on the façade of the building, while the latter can be placed anywhere. The cost of the pergola is also affected by the quality of the materials it is made of and the way it is controlled. The cheapest are light wall pergolas, which can be purchased for less than 6000 GBP. However, high-end freestanding pergolas can be up to five times more expensive.

How to make a pergola on the terrace?

Terrace pergolas can be divided into two groups. The first are wall pergolas, the second - free-standing. Wall pergolas are mounted to the wall of the house. The fabric from which their roofing is made is usually rolled, which protects not only against heat, but also against rain and hail. Freestanding pergolas do not have to have an attachment point in the form of a wall. They usually consist of modules, so if we come to the conclusion that the covered area should be larger, nothing prevents us from installing another module.

How much are pergolas?

At least several factors affect the price of a pergola. However, one can talk about a key role in the context of their assembly. Wall pergolas can be purchased without spending even PLN 9,000. Light free-standing models are also offered at a similar price, although we will pay up to five times more for the purchase of more durable models.

Do you need a permit for pergolas?

People who decide to have a pergola, whether in the garden or on the terrace, do not have to apply for a permit to purchase and install it.

What are pergolas?

Pergolas are constructions that appear more and more often both on terraces and in gardens. Free-standing models can be placed anywhere, however, wall pergolas leaning against one of the walls of the building are also available. They allow you to cover the terrace, but you can also use them to create a meeting place in the garden, where it will be possible to take shelter both during the rain and during the greatest heat. Pergolas are among the elements of the so-called small architecture. They perform a number of practical functions, but their task is also to improve the aesthetics around the house.

How much is a window mosquito net?

The frame mosquito net for the window is a simple system thanks to which it is possible to provide protection against nuisance insects. Its price depends primarily on the size of the window, although it is also influenced by the quality of the material from which it is made. The simplest solutions of this kind, mounted on the window frame using metal plates, usually cost less than 15 GBP.

How to make a window mosquito net yourself?

Mosquito nets for the window can be bought today in any store where window covers are sold. However, nothing prevents you from preparing them yourself. It will be useful for us in this case:

  • insect netting or vinyl netting characterized by the presence of small meshes
  • tapes: double-sided and single-sided adhesive.

The first step when preparing a mosquito net yourself is to cut the mesh so that it fits the window, assuming that you leave a few millimeters of space from its wall. When the net is ready, we can stick the double-sided adhesive tape on the frame, and then, after carefully stretching it, glue the net to it. One-sided tape should be applied to the frame of the mosquito net. It is good to pay some attention to this activity. Leaving limping places may lead to gluing of the window frame at the first attempt to close it. A self-prepared mosquito net is usually glued to the window from the inside. Of course, you can also put it on its outside, but you should take into account that the structure will not be very stable. In this case, double-sided adhesive tape may not be enough, so it is worth considering whether to replace it with wooden or aluminum slats.

How to install a mosquito net in the window?

Installing a mosquito net on a window is not a difficult task. Even before proceeding with it, however, it is recommended to make sure what type we are dealing with. The relatively easiest task rests with those people who decide on folding mosquito nets. These usually have a special frame mounted in the upper part of the window opening. Installation of roller mosquito nets is similar to the installation of classic roller blinds. These models have a cassette, and this must be hidden above the window. Magnetic and velcro mosquito nets have simple elements that hold the net. They can be freely attached and detached by changing the position of the roller blind depending on the current needs. Frame window mosquito nets are usually attached using rotating hooks.

What mosquito nets for windows?

When looking for the perfect mosquito net, we will certainly quickly find out that we have a lot to choose from.

- Frame mosquito net – the most basic type of this kind of solution. Its frame is mounted to the window frame, and it can be mounted even if you have already decided to place a classic roller blind in the window. The advantage of this model is both simple assembly and uncomplicated disassembly. In the autumn and winter, you can give up such a solution. The only downside of the frame mosquito net is the inability to open the window as long as it is on it.
- Pleated mosquito net – is made of pleated mesh and mounted on a special structure prepared with the use of aluminum profiles. It is characterized by high durability, but also deserves attention due to its characteristic visual qualities. This type of mosquito net can come in two variants. It depends only on the buyer whether he will bet on its vertical or horizontal version.
- Mosquito net in the roller blind – consists of a mesh rolled up to the roller shutter box. It can be freely lowered and raised, which is worth emphasizing, these activities can be performed independently of the roller shutter.
- Roll-up mosquito net – has a mesh rolled up to the cassette using guides and a spring mechanism. It can be lowered and expanded as needed. It is not integrated with the roller shutter system, but this allows you to consider installing it, regardless of whether there is already a classic roller shutter in the window or not.

How much is an awning for the terrace?

The prices of terrace awnings depend primarily on what material they are made of and what their size is. However, the way they are installed is also important. The purchase of a terrace awning costs 450-900 GBP.

Do I need a permit for an awning?

As is the case with terrace and garden pergolas, both the purchase and installation of the awning do not require a permit. The only exception is when our terrace does not belong to a single-family house, but to a block of flats managed by a cooperative or community. In this case, it is worth taking an interest in the regulations applicable in this place. It may turn out that placing an awning will require notification to the appropriate institution.

Does the terrace awning protect against rain?

The resistance of a terrace awning to rain is not always the same. So it depends primarily on what fabric the sheathing was made of. Most often we deal with polyester. What is worth emphasizing, in one of the last phases of its preparation for further use, the material is secured with acrylic varnish. It is this action that ensures a higher than normal resistance of the terrace awning to rain.

Of course, we can take additional steps ourselves to strengthen it. For this purpose, it is worth ensuring that the angle of inclination of the awning is at least 14 degrees. In this case, the cover will not only cope with light rain or drizzle, but also will not pose a threat to people sheltering under it. A certain problem may be primarily those rainfalls that last longer or are stronger. If we do not want to expose the awning to damage, then rolling it up will be the best solution.

How much does it cost to install a terrace awning?

The price of installing awnings depends on at least several factors. The following are most often mentioned in this context:

- size of awnings,
- type of control used,
- the location of the place to which the person responsible for the assembly work must go,

The cost of installation increases when we are dealing with electrically operated awnings, because the team is also responsible for introducing the electrical installation in the right place. As a rule, the installation cost does not exceed 100 GBP per meter of awning width. It is also worth remembering that many companies recommend friendly assembly teams.

How much wind will the awning withstand?

The special design protects the awnings from being blown off by the wind. However, it should be taken into account that not every model is equally effective. The solution is awnings with additional arm supports. Their purchase is recommended especially in relation to places where we know that strong gusts of wind are something natural in their case. People who are wondering whether the solution they are interested in will cope with the difficult task of protecting against strong winds, today have a much easier task than before. Before buying, they can check the class of the covers and assess their usefulness.

- First class - allows you to deal with gusts up to 4 degrees on the Beaufort scale, i.e. those that range from 5.5 to 7.9 meters per second.
- Class two - is resistant to wind up to 5 degrees on the Beaufort scale, which translates into values from 8 to 10.7 meters per second.
- Third class - copes with winds reaching up to 6 degrees on the Beaufort scale (wind with gusts from 10.8 to 13.8 meters per second).

How to choose awnings?

There is no single definition of an awning, the choice of which would satisfy the buyer. However, we can indicate at least a few criteria that are worth considering when considering which solution to choose.

The issue that should be addressed first is whether cassette awnings or those sold without a cassette will be a better option. Typical for the latter is the exposed tube on which the awning cover is wound. An important role is also played by the size of the awnings we are interested in. It is assumed that the right solution can be considered primarily those solutions that are able to guarantee shade over the entire seating surface of the terrace. Otherwise, the functionality of this space will be satisfactory only for a few hours a day. The type of sheathing used is also important. These should not only stop the sun's rays, but also reflect harmful UV radiation. Today, high-quality acrylic fabrics rule, especially if they have been properly impregnated.

The purchase of awnings will not be successful if we do not think beforehand whether a crank-operated solution is enough or whether awnings with a motor will be a much better option. The latter can also give us a choice of control. It is only up to us whether we choose the switch present on the wall, or the remote control or control via the application on the phone.

What are the types of awnings?

There are at least a few criteria based on which awnings are divided. The most popular, however, seems to be the division into balcony and terrace awnings. The first ones are small in size. Contrary to their name, they are not intended only to cover the windows of balconies with strong sunlight. They can also be successfully used for loggias and even small terraces.

Terrace awnings are larger than classic balcony awnings. Their reach can be up to 3.5 meters. They can be used to cover a large terrace, but they are also often used to provide sun protection for winter gardens. Their typical hallmarks are articulated folding arms and sheathing made of previously impregnated material. However, it is also worth paying attention to the presence of an adjustable angle of inclination.

Sometimes we can also meet with less typical awnings. Here it is worth mentioning basket models with a characteristic, semi-circular shape. These usually have a decorative function. We can observe them on the windows, but they often also appear as decoration of the entrances to shops and service premises.

Can an awning be installed in a block of flats?

Although we associate awnings primarily with covers appearing on terraces, many people also consider placing them on a balcony in a block of flats. It is therefore worth remembering that although you do not have to apply for a building permit in this case, you cannot forget about the need to notify the execution of construction works.

Does the color of the awning matter?

The choice of the sheathing color is important not only because it determines how our terrace will look. We must not forget that the right decision will affect the comfort of staying on the balcony or terrace. The brightness of a color can also be used as a factor in how much light will pass through the fabric we choose. The rule of thumb is that the darker the material, the lower the light transmission.

How much does the winter garden cost?

The price of a winter garden under a Veranda awning depends on several factors. The most important is the size of the structure, although its technical advancement is also of great importance. Prices, however, start from 1200 GBP, which makes this investment attractive also for those who are afraid of large expenses.

How to make a winter garden?

Until recently, creating a winter garden was possible primarily on your own. So although these solutions were highly valued, it was often heard that they were initiatives that should be of interest to relatively wealthy investors. Today, creating a winter garden is much easier, because Veranda awnings come with help. Their purchase gives us confidence that we gain an effective way to protect the garden from the sun. Awnings provide excellent protection of glass spaces not only during the hot summer, but also in spring and autumn. Investing in awnings has the advantage of saving money that would otherwise be spent on a fan or air conditioner. The awning blind allows you to cool the room in the summer, but it is also useful in winter, when the strong sun can disturb the natural vegetation rhythm of plants.

Do you need a building permit for a winter garden?

If the building area of the winter garden next to the house does not exceed 25 square meters, a building permit is not required. It is assumed, however, that for every 500 square meters of the plot there may be only two such objects. However, no need to apply for a permit does not mean that there are no obligations. Therefore, it is necessary to notify the intention to build in the relevant county office. It should also define not only the scope of the planned construction works, but also the date of their commencement and the manner in which they are planned to be carried out. If the application is to meet the formal requirements, it is necessary to attach a statement informing about our right to dispose of a specific real estate for construction purposes. Importantly, the eldership does not have to respond to our application. If there is no objection within 30 days of its notification, it means that we can start work. We have 2 years to implement them.

Is it worth having a winter garden?

We associate winter gardens with solutions that have many advantages. We can, moreover, indicate both the more and less obvious ones among them. What comes to the fore is that it is difficult to find a more attractive space not only for household members, but also for guests. It is not without significance, however, that the winter garden increases the usable area of the house, increasing its attractiveness also when we are considering selling such a property. The advantages of a winter garden also include:

- the possibility of using the winter garden at any time,
- the possibility of growing plants that are not obvious for the climate in our country,
- improving the microclimate at home.
- It is also worth remembering that if the winter garden does not exceed 25 square meters, you do not need a building permit.

How to cover the winter garden from the sun?

If the winter garden is to fulfill the functions entrusted to it, it must be a space that is sheltered from the sun at least for the time when the household members and guests stay there. It only seems to be a difficult task. Until recently, this task was mainly fulfilled by decorative curtains. However, their effectiveness was not high, so today this solution is abandoned. The curtains are replaced by Veranda awnings, not only more effective in protecting against the sun due to their location, but also much more attractive due to the ease of controlling them.

What distinguishes blinds in roof windows?

The specificity of their construction means that not all roller blinds work equally well when we want to place them in the roof window. Fabric roller blinds are a relatively cheap and simple solution, however, it should be taken into account that only their careful installation can provide optimal protection against sunlight. It is also worth remembering that darkening roof windows may be more difficult than other types of windows. Manufacturers of window covers are trying to solve this problem by focusing on specialized fabrics - much more resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to color change, which can occur under the influence of sunlight. Roman blinds also meet the specific needs of roof windows. Here, however, it is worth remembering to choose those models that are adapted to be installed on windows mounted at an angle. Problems with adjusting the covers in such windows also lead many people to pleated blinds. These can be easily adjusted not only from above, but also from below.

What are the characteristics of pleated roof blinds?

Pleated blinds used on roof windows have at least a few advantages that should be noted. What comes to the fore is that they allow you to cover the window pane not only from the bottom, but also from the top, and also - simultaneously from each side. This solution makes it possible to use them in virtually any attic, regardless of its purpose. The specificity of navigating with pleated blinds also contributes to the fact that they allow you to easily regulate the amount of sunlight that hits the attic. The problem is not only limiting its access, but also the introduction of blackout so effective that it should not disturb anyone in the afternoon nap. It is therefore also worth emphasizing that pleated blinds must be carefully selected in order to fulfill the functions entrusted to them. So if they are to serve us for years, we should attach the greatest possible importance to their dimensions.

Which blinds for Fakro roof windows and which ones for Velux?

Among the many solutions that work perfectly in FAKRO roof windows, the group of APF internal roller shutters deserves special attention. Here, the ARP Z-Wave roller shutters can be considered an extremely interesting solution, not only protecting against light, but also improving the appearance of the interior. The advantage of this solution is also the fact that it allows you to gain thermal comfort. You can talk about it even on hot days, during which being in the attic without blinds is unbearable. The VELUX company also offers roof roller blinds that are highly appreciated not only among customers, but also among experts. Blackout and pleated blinds come to the fore here. They are a perfect example of two-in-one blinds. They allow you to control the intensity of light, but if necessary, they are able to provide complete blackout.

How to choose blinds for a roof window?

There is no single criterion that determines the level of satisfaction with roller shutters used in roof windows. However, there are certainly a few that should be taken into account.

- Purpose of the roller blind - other models will work in living rooms, and others in bedrooms in the attic, where you should take care of complete blackout.
- The role of thermal comfort during hot weather
- Control method
- How to install and see the blinds

It is also worth remembering that in the case of roof roller blinds, it is of great importance to properly measure them before purchase and installation. Mistakes made at this stage make it difficult to take advantage of the advantages of solutions of this kind.

Which internal blinds for roof windows?

Roof windows have their own specificity. Therefore, it should be taken into account that traditional roller blinds may not meet the hopes placed in them. Their construction means that even a small angle of inclination contributes to the fabric sticking out from the covered surface. No wonder that people looking for roller blinds for roof windows tend to choose solutions that are designed for roof windows. This is where pleated interior blinds come to the fore. Not only do they look elegant, but they also do a great job when there is a need to diffuse light. As if that was not enough, they are unmatched when we want to darken the room. The functions of this type of roller blinds depend primarily on what material was used at the stage of their production.

Although internal roller blinds lead the way in relation to roof windows, they are not the only ones worth considering. There is also talk of great popularity in the context of sun-absorbing awnings. More and more attention is also paid to external roller shutters that provide excellent thermal insulation in the attic.

How to properly install roof roller blinds?

While much is said about the importance of properly installing roof roller blinds, it is worth remembering that they do not require any special tools. All the necessary elements can usually be found in the blinds packaging. Its manufacturer usually also provides detailed instructions for self-assembly. If there is no screwdriver in the set, it is worth getting a classic Phillips screwdriver. It will also be a good idea to use a screwdriver, which will speed up the work.

What do roof roller blinds protect against?

Roof roller blinds are advertised primarily as solutions that provide us with protection against excessive sunlight. However, this is certainly not their only advantage. Many of their models not only allow for complete darkening of the attic, but also for thermal insulation at a very high level.

How much is an awning for the balcony?

Balcony awnings are smaller than those installed on terraces. No wonder that their purchase is associated with much lower costs. These depend not only on the type of awning. They are also affected by the way it is attached, the control used in a particular case, as well as the quality of the fabric used for the production of this cover. As a rule, the cheapest models can be purchased for 250 GBP.

How to make an awning for a balcony yourself?

Although the cost of an awning for a balcony is not high, there are many people who wonder if it is better to prepare it yourself. It turns out that the implementation of this task is not complicated at all. To prepare a simple balcony awning, we will need the material cut to the right length. Let us remember that the awning should protect not only from the sun, but also from light rain, so it is worth focusing primarily on durable, high-quality material.

The fabric is the heart of the balcony awning, but if this solution is to meet the expectations set for it, we will also need a few carabiners, a steel cable and metal rivets. Once we have all the solutions at hand, we can proceed to action. The first step is always to make a tunnel in the fabric. It is in it that we will place a steel cord that allows the material to be rolled up and unrolled. The next step is to sew carabiners acting as hooks. The last step is to install the awning and test its operation.

Do I need a permit for an awning?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of whether each of us can, without having to meet any additional conditions, decide to install a balcony awning. The construction law does not explicitly mention such a solution. People familiar with it refer to Article 29. In its second paragraph, marked with point 15, the provision says that a building permit is not required if the construction works performed by us consist in installing equipment on building structures. The awning is recognized by most experts as such a device.

It is worth remembering, however, that the provisions of the construction law are not the only ones that apply to us. No less important are the rules of the community or cooperative. Awnings are usually interpreted as solutions that interfere with the facade of the building. Consequently, their installation requires a violation of what is common. In some communities and cooperatives, it is only necessary to notify the intention to install an awning. However, it may turn out that taking specific actions will depend on the assessment of the situation by the management board or a representative of the entity taking care of the building.

How to install an awning on the balcony?

The balcony awning can be installed in at least several ways. Most often it is attached to the wall, but it may turn out that a more convenient and safer option will be to install it from the bottom of the balcony above ours, and even to the roof rafters. Even before mounting the awning to the wall, it is worth making sure that it is not insulated. If there is insulation, it is enough to remove the appropriate fragments of polystyrene, and then - place the fixing anchors in the appropriate size.

How much does a garage door cost?

The cost of a garage door depends primarily on its size. It is not without significance, however, what kind of it we are dealing with. Currently, the greatest popularity is said in the context of sectional doors. These can be purchased from 1200 GBP, counting on professional advice and assistance in the installation of a specific solution.

Up-and-over doors are considered to be definitely cheaper. Those, in the non-insulated version and without an electric drive, can cost less than 250 GBP. Unfortunately, they take up much less space than sectional doors, and they are also known as models that are not very safe, so it is no wonder that they are systematically abandoned.

What are the widest garage doors

Analyzing the provisions of the construction law, you can quickly see that it contains detailed guidelines regarding the minimum dimensions of the so-called entrance light to the garage, after the door has been installed. It is 2.30 meters wide by 2.0 meters high. Of course, the parameters of double garages are correspondingly higher. It is therefore assumed that the gates for such garages should be 5.0 to 5.5 meters wide, although wider types are also possible. 5.5 meters wide is usually the maximum size of the gate prepared as standard. If, for various reasons, we want a broader solution, there are no contraindications to it. However, it should be taken into account that these will be custom-made gates.

How much does a meter of garage door cost?

Prices per square meter of garage door depend primarily on their type. The cheapest are single-skinned up-and-over doors, especially if they are made of trapezoidal sheet and kept in classic colors (white, brown, green, black, shades of grey). In this case, the price is 45 GBP for each square meter of such a gate. Sectional doors, especially in their insulated version, can be up to twice as expensive. However, it is worth remembering that they have at least a few advantages that are not available in the case of up-and-over doors, including much less free space that they require.

What garage doors do you recommend?

The list of garage doors currently available for sale is quite long. However, not all deserve equal attention. On the list of those that are worth paying special attention to, one of the first places is occupied by sectional garage doors.

The popularity of sectional doors does not have just one source. Their advantages can therefore be divided into those that relate to both their appearance and the quality of workmanship. Here, functionality, also defined as saving space, comes to the fore. People interested in buying sectional doors, however, also pay attention to the fact that they are able to effectively reduce heat loss in the garage, while guaranteeing not only higher comfort of use, but also safety.

The installation of a sectional door deserves special attention in this context. It is placed on the inner wall of the garage while its coat is guided vertically. Thanks to this, the structure is inside and cannot be seen from the outside. Only the door coat is visible to people who do not have access to the garage, and this can be kept in a variety of colors corresponding to the individual preferences of the buyer. If a sectional door leads to a garage that is an integral part of the building, it is necessary to emphasize one more advantage. In this case, it is a solution that by limiting heat loss has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of the entire building.

Sectional doors can be operated manually. The vast majority of buyers, however, decide to incur a slightly higher purchase cost just to install an electric drive. In this case, opening and closing the gate are activities that require significantly less effort. We also benefit from this solution because we do not generate unnecessary noise.

Which is better roller blinds or external blinds?

Both external roller blinds and facade blinds can be a great way to decorate your home. Both types of window covers also attract attention as those that are able to effectively isolate the room from what is happening outside. They protect against the interest of burglars, and at the same time guarantee effective sound insulation. With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that giving an unambiguous answer to the question of which solution will work better is not an easy task. The purchasing decision is therefore largely dependent on our individual expectations.

The advantage of facade blinds is primarily that they are able to protect us not only from sunlight, but also from heat. In the summer months, large glazing can be felt. They look beautiful, but they make the rooms unbearably hot. Fortunately, closing the facade blinds not only solves this problem, but also makes the room feel pleasantly cool. More and more often you can hear that they are able not only to support air conditioners, but even to replace them. By investing in blinds of this type, we can count on significant savings. Contrary to the fears of many people, facade blinds can be controlled not only manually, but also mechanically. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this is considered their unique asset.

How much do external blinds for a window cost?

The prices of external blinds depend primarily on what type we choose. You should also always remember that custom-made solutions are always more expensive and in the case of facade blinds, another option is not an option. This may initially be considered a disadvantage. Over time, however, buyers come to the conclusion that the perfect fit guaranteed by custom-made facade blinds justifies incurring a higher expense. The cost of buying blinds is also influenced by how they can be controlled. Automatically controlled models are more expensive, but their functionality is much greater than in the case of blinds operated by our hands.

The prices of facade blinds range from GBP 300 - 550 per piece.

How much does it cost to install facade blinds?

Installation of facade blinds depends primarily on where they are to be used, although the method of attaching them to the facade is also of some importance in a particular case. The costs associated with it also depend on what part of the country you live in. Very often, the price of services is also influenced by the connection of the assembly team with a specific entity selling roller shutters. Prices start from 70 GBP per item, although when installing more blinds, we can expect a significant reduction in costs.

Are facade blinds anti-burglary?

Although people investing in facade blinds usually do not think about their anti-burglary function, it does not mean that there is no mention of it. Many of the models on sale today are equipped with a special bolt. It is he who is known as an effective protection against burglary. Thanks to the bolt, the blinds can be an excellent protection both in private homes and public institutions.