Questions and Answers

Veranda awnings

How much does a winter garden cost?

The price of a conservatory under a Veranda awning depends on several factors. The game is mostly about the size of the structure, although its technical advancement is also of great importance. Prices start, however, from 4 thousand. zloty, which makes this investment attractive also for those people who are afraid of large expenses.

How to make a winter garden?

Until recently, creating a winter garden was possible mainly on your own. So although these solutions were highly valued, one could often hear that they are initiatives that should be of interest to relatively wealthy investors. Today, creating a winter garden is much easier, because Veranda awnings can help you. Their purchase gives us the certainty that we are gaining an effective way to shade the garden from the sun. Awnings are an excellent protection of glass spaces not only in hot summer, but also in spring and autumn. Investing in awnings also has the advantage that it saves money that would otherwise be spent on the purchase of a fan. The awning allows the room to cool down in summer, but it is also useful in winter, when the harsh sun can disturb the natural vegetation rhythm of plants.

Do you need a permit to build a winter garden?

If the building area of the winter garden at the house does not exceed 25 square meters, no building permit is required. However, it is assumed that only two such objects may fall out of each 500 square meters of plot. Not having to apply for a permit does not mean, however, that there are no obligations whatsoever. Therefore, it is necessary to notify the construction intention to the relevant starosty. There, it is also necessary to define not only the scope of planned construction works, but also the date of their commencement and the manner in which they are planned to be carried out. If the application is to meet the formal requirements, it is necessary to attach to it a statement informing about our right to use specific real estate for construction purposes. Importantly, the County Office does not have to respond to our report. If he does not raise an objection within 30 days from its submission, it means that we can start work. We have 2 years for their implementation.

Is it worth having a winter garden?

We associate winter gardens with solutions that have many advantages. We can also indicate among them both the less and the more obvious. The fact that it is difficult to find a more attractive space not only for the members of the household, but also for guests. It is also not without significance that the winter garden increases the usable area of the house, increasing its attractiveness also when we are considering selling such a property. The advantages of a winter garden include:

  • possibility of using the winter garden at any time,
  • the possibility of growing plants that are not obvious for the climate in Poland,
  • improving the microclimate at home.
  • It is also worth remembering that in a situation where the winter garden does not exceed 25 square meters, you do not need a building permit.

How to shade a winter garden from the sun?

If a winter garden is to fulfill the functions entrusted to it, it must be a space sheltered from the sun, at least for the time when the household members and guests are there. It is only apparently a difficult task. Until recently, this task was mainly fulfilled by decorative curtains. However, their effectiveness was not high, and therefore this solution is being abandoned today. The curtains are replaced by awnings not only more effective in protecting against the sun due to their positioning, but also much more attractive due to the ease of controlling them.

Side awnings

What wind will the awning withstand?

A special structure protects the awnings from being torn off by the wind. However, it should be taken into account that not every model is equally effective. Awnings with additional arm supports are a solution. Their purchase is recommended especially for places where we know that strong gusts of wind are something natural in their case. People wondering whether the solution they are interested in will cope with the difficult task of protecting against strong winds have a much easier task today than before. Before buying, they can check the class of the upholstery and assess its suitability based on it.

  • First class - allows you to cope with gusts of up to 4 on the Beaufort scale, therefore those from 5.5 to 7.9 meters per second.
  • Second class - is wind resistant up to 5 on the Beaufort scale, which translates into values from 8 to 10.7 meters per second.
  • Third class - copes with winds reaching up to 6 on the Beaufort scale (wind with gusts from 10.8 to 13.8 meters per second).

How to choose awnings?

There is no single definition of an awning that would satisfy the buyer. However, we can indicate at least a few criteria that are worth mentioning when considering which solution to choose.

The first question to be addressed is whether cassette awnings will be a better option, or those that are sold without a cassette. Typical for the latter is the exposed pipe on which the awning cladding is wound. An important role is played by the size of the awnings that interest us. It is assumed that a correctly selected solution is the one that is able to guarantee shade over the entire seating area of the terrace. Otherwise, the functionality of this space will be satisfactory only for a few hours during the day. The type of sheathing used is also important. These should not only trap the sun's rays, but also reflect harmful UV rays. Today, high-quality acrylic fabrics reign supreme, especially if they have been properly impregnated.

The purchase of awnings will not be successful if we do not first consider whether a crank-operated solution is enough for us, or whether awnings with a motor will be a much better option. The latter can also give us a choice of control. It is only up to us whether we choose a switch on the wall, or a remote control or control via an application on the phone.

What are the types of awnings?

There are at least several criteria by which awnings are divided. However, the division into balcony and terrace awnings seems to be the most popular. The first ones are characterized by small dimensions. Contrary to their name, they are not only intended to cover balcony windows with strong sunlight. They can also be successfully used for loggias and even small terraces.

Terrace awnings are models with larger sizes than classic balcony awnings. Their reach can be up to 3.5 meters. They can be used to cover a large terrace, but are often also used to protect winter gardens from the sun. Their typical hallmarks are articulated folding arms and a fabric that has been previously impregnated. However, it is also worth paying attention to the presence of an adjustable angle of inclination.

Sometimes we can also come across less typical awnings. Here it is worth mentioning the basket models with a characteristic, semi-circular shape. These usually have a decorative function. We can see them on the windows, but they often also appear as decorations for entrances to shops and service premises.

Can I install an awning blind in a block?

Although we associate awnings mainly with covers appearing on terraces, many people are also considering placing them on a balcony in a block of flats. Therefore, it is worth remembering that although you do not have to apply for a building permit in such a case, you must not forget about the necessity to report the construction works.

Does the color of the awning matter?

The choice of the color of the plating is important not only because it determines how our terrace will look. We cannot forget that the right decision will affect the comfort of staying on the balcony or terrace. The brightness of the color can also be used as a governing factor in how much light will pass through the fabric of our choice. The principle that the darker the material, the lower the light transmittance is true here.

Roof blinds

What distinguishes the roller blinds in roof windows?

The specificity of their construction means that not all roller blinds are equally effective when we want to place them in the roof window. Fabric roller blinds are a relatively cheap and simple solution, but you should take into account that only their careful assembly can provide optimal protection against sunlight. It is also worth remembering that the darkening of the skylights may be more difficult than other types of windows. Manufacturers of window blinds try to solve this problem by focusing on specialized fabrics - much more resistant not only to mechanical damage, but also to a change in color, which may be affected by Not under the influence of sunlight. Roman blinds also meet the specific needs of roof windows. Here, however, it is worth remembering about choosing those models that are adapted to be installed on windows mounted at an angle. Problems with the adjustment of covers in such windows make many people also opt for pleated blinds. These can be easily regulated not only from the top, but also from below.

What are the characteristics of pleated roof blinds?

Pleated blinds used on roof windows have at least several advantages that should be noted. The fact that they enable covering the window pane not only from the bottom, but also from the top, and also - simultaneously from each side, is in the foreground. Such a solution makes it possible to use it in practically every attic, no matter what its purpose is. The specificity of navigating pleated blinds also contributes to the fact that they allow you to easily regulate the amount of sunlight that reaches the attic. The problem is not only restricting his access, but also introducing blackout so effective that it should not prevent anyone from taking an afternoon nap. Therefore, it is also worth emphasizing that pleated blinds must be carefully selected in order to fulfill their functions. So if they are to serve us for years, we should attach the greatest possible importance to their dimensions.

Which roller blinds for Fakro and which for Velux?

Among the many solutions that are perfect for FAKRO roof windows, the group of internal APF roller shutters deserves special attention. Here, the ARP Z-Wave roller blinds, not only protecting against light, but also improving the appearance of the interior, can be considered an exceptionally interesting solution. The advantage of this solution is also the fact that it allows to gain thermal comfort. You can talk about it even on hot days, when staying in the attic without blinds is unbearable. VELUX also offers roof roller blinds that are highly appreciated not only by customers but also by experts. Here, the blackout-pleated blinds come to the fore. They are a perfect example of a "two-in-one" roller blind. They allow you to control the light intensity, but if necessary, they are able to provide complete blackout.

How to choose roller shutters to the roof window?

There is no single criterion that determines the level of satisfaction with roller shutters used in roof windows. However, there are certainly a few that should be taken into account.

  • Purpose of the blinds - other models will work well in living rooms, and others in attic bedrooms, where complete blackout should be ensured.
  • The role of thermal comfort during hot weather
  • The method of control
  • The method of mounting and visibility of the blinds
  • It is also worth remembering that in the case of roof roller shutters, it is of great importance to measure them before purchase and installation. Errors made at this stage make it difficult to take advantage of this type of solution.

Which internal blinds for roof windows?

Roof windows have their specificity. Therefore, it should be remembered that traditional roller blinds in a cassette may not live up to the hopes placed on them. Their structure means that even a small angle of inclination contributes to the protrusion of the fabric from the covered surface. It is no wonder then that people looking for roller shutters for roof windows tend to choose these solutions, which are created with the use of slatted windows in mind. Here, internal pleated blinds come to the fore. Not only do they look elegant, they also cope well when there is a need to diffuse light. As if that were not enough, they have no equal when we want to darken the room. The functions of this type of roller blinds depend primarily on the material used at the stage of their production.

Although internal roller shutters lead the way in relation to roof windows, they are not the only ones worth considering. It is also very popular in the context of awnings that absorb the sun's rays. More and more attention is paid to external roller shutters, which provide excellent thermal insulation in the attic.

How to properly install roof blinds?

Although there is much talk about the importance of correct installation of roof shutters, it is worth remembering that they do not require any specialized tools. All the necessary elements can usually be found in the roller shutter packaging. Its manufacturer usually provides also detailed instructions allowing for self-assembly. If the set does not include a screwdriver, it is a good idea to get a classic cross-head screwdriver. It will also be a good idea to use a screwdriver to speed up the work.

What do roof shutters protect against?

Roof blinds są reklamowane przede wszystkim jako rozwiązania zapewniające nam ochronę przed nadmiernym nasłonecznieniem. Z całą pewnością nie jest to jednak ich jedyny atut. Wiele ich modeli nie tylko pozwala na całkowite zaciemnienie poddasza, ale i za izolację termiczną na bardzo wysokim poziomie.