Patio awnings

The perfect solution for creating shade on terraces. Their solid construction and durable materials provide protection against the sun and light rainfall. Easy to use, often equipped with automatic unfolding and retracting mechanisms, they adapt to a variety of architectural styles. more

Veranda awnings

Specifically designed for use on verandas and covered patios. They are characterized by durability and resistance to weather conditions. Their design allows full use of the outdoor space, creating a pleasant shade and shelter from rain. more

Balcony awnings

Perfect for apartments with balconies. They provide shade and privacy without taking up much space. They are easy to install and use, and their variety of colors and patterns allows you to match them to any balcony style. more

Side awnings

They provide additional protection from the sun and wind on the terrace or balcony. They are perfect for creating an intimate outdoor space. Easy to use, they can be quickly unfolded or hidden when not needed. more

Window awnings FAKRO

Often called screen blinds, they are mounted directly above the windows and protect the interior against excessive heating and sunlight. Their elegant design combines with functionality, thanks to which the need to use air conditioning on warm days is reduced. more

External Venetian blinds

External blinds, which are not only a practical but also an aesthetic element of the facade. They offer excellent control over sunlight as well as thermal insulation, increasing the building's energy efficiency. more

Roller shutters

They provide protection against sun, rain and even noise. Increase privacy and security. Available in many styles and colours, they are easy to use and can be equipped with automatic control systems. more


Perfect for creating a stylish, covered space in the garden or terrace. Pergolas are not only functional, but they also add elegance to any outdoor space by allowing you to grow climbing plants for additional shade and decoration. more

Roof blinds

Specially designed for roof windows, they effectively protect against the sun and provide thermal insulation. Their variety of colors and patterns allows for harmonious integration into any interior. more