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Facade blinds C80 in a surface-mounted cassette

High quality facade blinds with electric control
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Facade blinds c 80

Facade blinds

  • Polyester textile elements are thermally preserved, and the ladder is additionally reinforced with Kevlar
  • Rolled holes in the lamellas to protect the tapes against abrasion
  • Zinc and aluminum alloy pins
  • Possibility of concealed installation and creating any number of modules
  • Wet lacquered aluminum lamellas in 15 standard colors
Żaluzja Fasadowa TYP C

Product features

  • shape of lamellas C.
  • RAL colors
  • electric drive yes
  • manual drive yes
  • maximum width 4.5 m
  • maximum height 5.0 m
  • external use yes
  • internal use no
Facade blinds c 80
  • The cassette for flush mounting is made of extruded aluminum, it is equipped with a projection, enabling the execution of external plastering
  • Inspection cover for easy access and assembly
  • Option box 2 with lintel insulation
  • Electric drive
  • A self-supporting variant is available where the box is supported on a guide
  • Possibility of painting in any color from the RAL palette
Facade blinds c 80
The lamellas made of profiled aluminum have the shape of the letter C or Z, and in combination with appropriately selected guides and covers (sheet metal or aluminum cassette with an oval or square cross-section) make the facades look modern and attractive. Textile elements on which the lamellas rest Lamele - horizontally arranged aluminum slats, available in various shapes, widths and colors, constituting the main element of the facade blinds. , are made of highly durable materials, additionally thermally preserved, which ensures their resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation.
Facade blinds c 80


  • Two variants of the cover: a cassette made of extruded aluminum or an aluminum cover plate with a thickness of 1.2 mm or 2.0 mm in 4 variants
  • Extruded aluminum guides
  • Cube or Oval self-supporting version available
  • C-shaped lamellas with folded edges for extra strength
  • Smooth control of the tilt angle of the lamellas enabling easy adjustment of the light intensity
  • Rolled holes in the lamellas to protect the tapes against abrasion
  • Zinc and aluminum alloy pins
  • Polyester textile elements are thermally preserved, resistant to stretching, rubbing and UV radiation, ladders reinforced with aramid
  • Powder coated construction
  • Possibility of concealed installation (not applicable to the self-supporting version)
  • Option to create any number of modules
  • Manual or electric drive
  • Electric drive only for Cube or Oval systems

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