COSIMO Interior Pleated Blinds


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COSIMO Interior Pleated Blinds

Window pleats to size COSIMO, online shop pleats Blinds pleated blinds with original "accordion" fabric Custom-made dimming pleated blinds in color Vanguard 09 azure, in the Knall online store. Blue is one of the most common colours in our everyday life. It is a colour associated with peace, harmony and stability, which makes it often used in various types of interior design. In psychology, this colour is also associated with feelings such as support and loyalty. The colour blue is also often found as the leading colour in logos in various industries, as it is associated with professionalism and credibility. In the case of nature, blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, which gives it an extra beauty and meaning. It is worth noting that this colour is universal and can be used in various styles and arrangements, because it matches many other colours and adds elegance and tranquility to the rooms.

COSIMO Interior Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds with the original COSIMO fabric
two years warranty safe shopping factory online 100% made in EU

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Perfect match

Stylish cordless made to measure pleated blinds are a perfect blind and perfect choice to effectively shield your room, apartment, office or kitchen from excessive sunlight keeping your home cool. They filter annoying friday sun and fit perfect to windows in your room.

Sleek fit and easy install by following our progress measure table. Thanks to the functionality of pleated blind fabric with honeycomb pockets, they look sleek, are practical in summer and winter, in kitchen or bedroom, and provide protection against sunlight and heat keeping home cool.

We manufacture our pleated blinds to size, thanks to which they are always fit perfectly.

Perfect match

Why this particular cover?

Unlike classic roller blinds, our highest sort made to measure pleated blinds allow you to cover any part of the window in home, while moving the fabric both from below and above.

Our made to measure pleated blinds lower energy bills, keep the home cool and thanks to this, blind the rooms in our house like bedroom or kitchen acquire a new, original look. Our light blinds are preventing any heat loss in winter and keep the warm outside during summer because of raised heat and light insulation. You will be able to choose the right colour for any room thanks to our samples.

Wysoka jakość

Made to measure pleated blinds

Discover our inspired by people's home needs kitchens easy made to measure pleated blinds. Made to measure home pleated blinds fabrics are made of heat resistant highest sort material, guaranteeing sleek apearrance while having a wide colour range.

Pleated blinds profiles are made of high quality aluminum. The blinds are also equipped with the best quality mechanism that allows the slide of the lower and upper profile without any restrictions to filter and reduce incomming light.

Complete installation of our perfectly designed blinds will create practical blinds solution for money savings, privacy, cooler summer while keeping the sheer warmth during winter.


Characteristics of all our pleated blinds

Pleated blinds appear more often in our homes, in Bedroom or kitchen, mainly because it is a solution with wide practical range, thanks to the pleated blinds fabric, the room will look very original and have the right sort of light

  • Pleated blinds allow you to cover any part of the windows
  • possibility of working in all planes from vertical to horizontal
  • a very wide range of blind fabrics to choose
  • wide range of mechanisms colours to choose from
  • suitable for unusual window shapes

Premium internal blinds

  • high resistance and durability of the material
  • possibility to choose an electric drive
  • certified fabrics, including non-flammable options
  • pleated blind profiles are made of high-quality aluminum
  • Manufacturer's warranty for 5 years

Why Knall pleated blinds?

  • Cosimo profile is clicked on the hooks, it prevents the pleat from falling down
  • the minimum width of the glazing bead to be installed between the glazing beads is only 1cm
  • quick lead time (depending on fabric availability) up to 10 working days
  • easy to install, just a few minutes for the new pleat to hang on the window
  • by far the most popular and best pleated blinds on the European market.
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Fabric selection

It is easy to loose yourself in our textiles selection, if you are unsure what to choose, feel free to help yourself with our fabric presentations you can find on YouTube, or by clicking on any fabric picture below. Remember to choose your samples.

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The vanguard is a group of pleated blinds that stand out with their interesting texture. Each color has a delicate striped pattern visible also from a distance thanks to pattern of shades of the same color. The palette includes both subdued colors e.g. white, beige and black, fuchsia, green or purple.

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Pleated blinds are characterized by a material that filter light and folds into a harmonica filtering light, and creating an eye-catching visual effect. The Basel group has a matte and pearly shade that glitters slightly. The colors are various shades of dark and pastel colors, like yellow, orange, celadon.

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Jaipur, Kent, Leipzig, Torres, Zuri, Coco, Denim, Sofia, Zuri, York

The basic palette of pleated blinds used here is subdued colours: black, gray, brown, beige and ecru. However, the uniqueness of the colours in this set is emphasized by decors placed on fabric, irregular geometric shapes, plant patterns or expressive stripes.

4.jpg (78 KB)


Stockholm is a group of classic, smooth pleated blinds fabric. Their surface is uniform in structure and matte. Wide color range to choose from: There is a timeless classic broken white and black, gray, shades of beige, as well as pastel yellow and olive color.

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The Kamari pleated roller blind fabric set is characterized by a subtle pearl gloss. Attention is also drawn to the texture of the material, which is slightly creased. Developed pleat from a distance looks very impressive. The collection draws attention with its extremely vivid and subdued colours.

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The Shine colours is characterized by luminous colours; all their shades are emphasized here by the gloss given to the fabric. Sun rays reflected from the pleat material brighten up the colours even more.

How to order?

It is incredibly easy to buy in the knall shop. Just fill in the required parameters of the product and add it to the cart. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to follow our instructions, which are under the question marks in the upper right corner of each checkbox. Before adding a product to your cart, you can always see its current price under the central photo.

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