External Venetian blinds C80 in a facade cassette - RAL 9005 Black


External Venetian blinds C80 in a facade cassette

0:22;1120:27;1920:31;2520:35 cm cm 15.5 cm

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External Venetian blinds C80 in a facade cassette Made to measure External Venetian blinds in a facade cassette in colour RAL 9005 Black, in the Knall online store. Black is one of the most universal and timeless colours that is often chosen for its elegance and simplicity. Black is also associated with power and strength, which is why it is often used in fashion and design. It not only adds elegance, but also adds depth and mystery. Black is also a symbol of purity and pure form, which is why it is often chosen by designers and architects as a colour for walls or as an addition to the interior. Finally, black is also associated with seriousness and respect, which is important in many areas such as business and politics. In any case, black is a timeless and universal colour that will always have its place in the world of fashion, design, art and architecture.

External Venetian blinds C80 in a facade cassette

High quality external Venetian facade blinds with electric control
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External Venetian blinds C80 in a facade cassette

Venetian blinds C80 - surface mounted

Facade blinds are divided into flush-mounted and surface-mounted. Flush-mounted are recommended for new buildings. On the other hand, surface mounted ones can be easily installed on the already completed façade. Surface-mounted systems have a choice of two cassettes - oval or square, and thanks to their aesthetics, they give the building a modern look. The horizontal lamellas rest on durable textile ladders that are resistant to weather and sunlight.

characteristics External Venetian blinds C80 in a facade cassette


  • Thermal polyester textiles are additionally reinforced with Kevlar fibers
  • The holes in the lamellas are made in a way that protects the ladder against abrasion
  • Zinc-aluminum mounting hardware
  • There are no contraindications to the use of multiple systems side by side, they are adapted to it
  • A palette of 15 typical lamella colors
  • Easy assembly and access to elements for the long-term use of the blind
  • The box 2 variant is additionally insulated
  • Electrically powered louvers
  • A self-supporting variant in which the box is supported by guides is available
  • On request, the customer can ask for any color from the RAL palette
  • The C80 shutter system is tooled in high-strength extruded aluminum
  • Square CUBE cassettes, or rounded OVAL
  • The folded edges of the slats make them durable and do not injure the textile elements
  • The louvers can be tilted with an electrically controlled motor to regulate the amount of light entering the room
  • Mounting elements made of durable zinc-aluminum alloy
  • Heat-treated textiles with aramid used in the production of ladders are resistant to abrasion, stretching and UV radiation
  • The hardware is powder coated
  • Louvre is driven by an electric motor
All evternal venetian blinds in the knall store

External Venetian blinds in the Knall store

If you need effective protection not only against light, but also against heat in the summer, External Venetian blinds will meet your requirements. This high-quality product from Knall is UV and weather resistant for long-lasting protection.

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