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Wooden blinds 50 mm rope ladder

Wooden blinds equipped with flap lamellas with a width of 50 mm
two years warranty safe shopping factory online 100% made in EU

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Perfect match

Internal blinds are designed to protect the room from the sun and complete the interior design, therefore wooden blinds are manufactured to the dimensions indicated in the order. This is a guarantee of their perfect fit to the window space and the effectiveness of solar protection. Wooden blinds are a perfect match for interiors designed in various styles. Natural wood (Siberian linden or bamboo) gives them a unique atmosphere. Bamboo blinds to size are very good for larger windows, because they are lighter than those made of Siberian linden.

All our blinds are made to measure, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

Wysoka jakość żaluzje drewniane

High quality materials

Internal wooden blinds are made of natural wood and blend in nicely with rooms designed in various styles; both the more classic and the more modern and minimalist. Wooden blinds are universal, and the interior design can be highlighted with color. In addition to the shades of wood, you can choose a color, e.g. white wooden blinds will work very well in combination with Provencal decor inside.

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Lamella Materials

  • Wooden 50mm is an elegant, exclusive window cover. They perfectly match the style of interiors dominated by wood, aluminum and glass. Unique appearance and aesthetic values, while the wide range of colors of wooden blinds allows for easy matching to the color of furniture, floors and interior design elements. The shutter slats are real solid basswood.
  • Wooden pure 50mm is a new color of 50mm wooden blinds, matched with the greatest precision to the natural color of sand and stones. The tape ladders are matched with shades to the individual lamellas. Thanks to the new PURE shades, you will perfectly bring out the beauty of raw interiors. PURE collection blinds will give your interior a unique atmosphere.
  • Bamboo 50mm the biggest advantage of bamboo blinds, just like wooden blinds, is their natural beauty and mood, which accompanies interiors equipped with such covers. The lamellas are made in the process of joining narrow strips of natural bamboo. The advantage of bamboo blinds is undoubtedly their thinner structure, when raised, the blind folds into a much smaller package than wooden blinds.
Characteristic żaluzje drewniane

Wooden blinds characteristics

  • The shutter is made on a steel gutter with 50mm wide wooden slats and a rope ladder
  • as standard, the shutter has a cover and a wooden bottom beam, color similar to the color of the slats
  • the price of the blinds includes upper gutter fasteners (twisty)
  • The average weight of 1 m2 of blinds is 2.2 kg
  • the minimum width of the blinds is 50cm
  • the maximum recommended area of the blinds is 5 m2
  • with a width of up to 70cm, the controls and string are on opposite sides, over 70cm they are on the same side. The length of the controls is approx. 3/4 of the entire length Louvers.
  • as a standard, the shutter does not have side guides or bottom rail catches
  • Venetian blind hardware (upper gutter and strings) are similar to the color of the lamellas.
  • jars, knots and various structures are a natural wood ornament
  • The Coulisse electric motor has functions - lifting, opening and closing the slats
Wysoka jakość żaluzje drewniane


  • Differences in shades of wood, its structure (rings) and slight deformation of lamellas are allowed
  • The price of electrically operated blinds includes: the price of the blinds, motor, additional elements, remote control/switch
  • In the case of 50mm bamboo blinds, differences in the shades of wood, its structure (grain), slight deformation of the lamellas and transparency on the petals, resulting from gluing and pressing of the tufts, are allowed. bamboo beds.
  • Rope ladder available at no extra charge.
  • Execution of mixed blinds max. 4 colors + 30% to the price of blinds
  • Available in maximum dimensions:
  • Maximum width: 2700mm (270cm)
    Maximum height: 4600mm (460cm)
    Maximum width in the Bamboo version 2400mm (240cm)
    The maximum width in the Africa version is 2900mm (290cm)
    The minimum width in the automatic version is 730mm (73cm)
Grupa płatków lameli

Why Knall wooden blinds?

  • The slats that we use for the production of our 25mm wooden blinds come from Dutch and Italian companies. These are high-quality raw materials such as Siberian linden, bamboo fibers or exotic Abachi wood.
  • the semi-finished products we use for our blinds are European components. A lot of elements also come from reputable Polish suppliers. Thanks to such care for the appropriate selection of elements, we are able to guarantee our customers the highest quality of products,
  • We cooperate only with reputable companies dealing in the delivery of automation. These companies have a long-standing position on the market, thanks to which we can be sure that we offer our customers a product of the highest quality and durability.

Wooden 50mm

Basswood is a collection of wooden blinds made of Siberian linden. The surface of the blinds is smooth, you can see a delicate pattern of wood texture. The colors are natural shades of wood, both light and darker. The set includes white and black colors. The slats are also available in widths of 25 and 65mm.

Bamboo 50mm

Wooden blinds from the Bamboo series are characterized by the fact that they are lighter than the classic ones (made of Siberian linden). The thickness is identical. The colors used in the palette are classic; varying from very light shades to dark brown. The Bamboo collection also includes 25mm wide moldings.

Wooden blinds - Africa & Shade

Africa & Shades is a unique collection of wooden blinds. The whole occurs in very characteristic colors: brown, stone and gray (from very light to anthracite). The products are made of Siberian linden wood. The Shade collection surface is smooth and matte. In the Africa collection, the strips are slightly rough to the touch, the color is also matted - from a distance, the whole looks very natural and raw.

Wooden pure 50mm

The color palette of the Wooden Pure series is dominated by gray. It ranges from a very light shade to a very dark anthracite shade. Other colors are delicate browns, as well as whites and blacks. The texture of the shutter slats is very smooth and the colors are dull. The natural wooden jars are not marked on the shutters.

How to order?

Buying 50mm wooden blinds with a rope ladder in the knall store is extremely simple. Just fill in the required parameters of the product and add it to the cart. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to follow our instructions, which are under the question marks in the upper right corner of each checkbox. Before adding a product to your cart, you can always see its current price under the central photo.

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