FAKRO AJP Venetian blinds - AJP 141 Light Beige


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FAKRO AJP Venetian blinds

FAKRO AJP Venetian blinds Made to measure roof roller blinds Fakro AJP 141 Light Beige, in the Knall online store. Beige colour is one of the most universal and timeless colours that fits many different styles and interiors. Its subtle shade adds warmth and elegance, and at the same time is neutral enough not to dominate other colours and elements of the decor. Beige is often chosen as the colour of walls, furniture or accessories, because it easily combines with them and gives the rooms a calm, homely atmosphere. This colour is also very easy to decorate because it is readily available and easily matched with other colours. Beige is also suitable for many different styles, from traditional to modern. All this makes beige the perfect choice for those who are looking for a calm and elegant interior design for their home.

FAKRO AJP Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds FAKRO are made of aluminum, rotation of the slats makes it possible to control the incoming light.
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FAKRO AJP shutter

The AJP shutter is a popular addition to roof windows, with which we can adjust the amount of light entering the room. By changing the angle of the slats we can control the direction of the sun's rays and create a unique mood. The AJP shutter protects against excessive sunlight and is a decorative element. Aluminum side guides allow for fuller darkening of the interior and allow you to turn the sash when the shutter is pulled.


Original FAKRO products

The FAKRO quality system integrates all activities aimed at providing high quality products, in line with the expectations of customers, requirements of European standards and the requirements of various certification bodies.

Modern technologies, the use of effective methods, tools and techniques of production management, uniform operating procedures, employee training, continuous improvement of production processes and working conditions ensure consistent, high quality of the products offered. In our offer includes only original FAKRO products.


Characteristics of AJP blinds:

  • the ability to adjust the direction and amount of incoming light by changing the angle of the slats,
  • interior decoration,
  • partial reduction of excess heat in the room. "An external awning must be used to protect against heat,"
  • the blind can be stopped in any position,
  • protection against UV rays,
  • hiding the interior from outside observers, which do not involve a significant reduction in the supply of light.
  • AJP shutter operated manually. "The universal ZST rod is used for raising and lowering the high-mounted blinds"
All Venetian blinds FAKRO AJP in the knall store

Venetian blinds FAKRO AJP in the Knall store

FAKRO roof blinds are a unique solution for those who value both functionality and style. They are perfect for houses with an attic, where comfort and design must harmonize. Discover our entire offer of Venetian blinds FAKRO AJP now!

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