Patio awning PREMIUM without cassette JAKARTA - AWN 0054 Melbourne


Patio awning PREMIUM without cassette JAKARTA


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Patio awning PREMIUM without cassette JAKARTA made to measure Awnings made to measure in colour AWN 0054 Melbourne, in the Knall online store. Green is one of the most present and significant colours in our environment. It symbolizes nature, development, harmony, peace and stability. Green is also associated with a sense of ease and freedom, which makes it ideal for people who want to bring more peace and balance to their lives. In architecture, green is often used as an accent to add more nature to the interior or exterior of a building. Green is also considered to represent ecology and the environment. It is also very relaxing, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. In general, green is a very important and valuable colour that can bring more positive emotions and good energy into our lives.

Patio awning PREMIUM without cassette JAKARTA

Terrace and patio awnings of a high standard, designed for installation on the facade
two years warranty safe shopping factory online 100% made in EU

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Perfect match JAMAICA patio awning PREMIUM without cassette

Perfect match

PREMIUM without a cassette is a combination of elegance and durability. Its design ensures long life under heavy use and is therefore the perfect choice for large terraces and commercial spaces. The folding arms of the awning are mounted on aluminum handles with a special design, made by numerical processing. The use of Flyer chain in the construction of arms in conjunction with the precision of articulation provide the awning with reliable, long-term operation.

All our awnings are made to measure, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

high quality JAMAICA patio awning PREMIUM without cassette

High quality materials

Thanks to the central support of the roller tube, the fabric is always evenly tensioned in large awnings. The construction is based on an aluminum square beam, which gives some freedom in choosing the mounting place of the handles and makes the awning very easy to install. An optional aluminum visor provides protection for the rolled up fabric. The awning's structure is powder-painted in white, silver with graphite, beige or brown. The cross arms kit can be used. All acrylic awning fabrics are impregnated with TEFLON or SCOTCHGARD. This creates an excellent protective barrier and strengthens the hydrophobic properties of the fabric and, to some extent, prevents dirt from adhering to the material.


properties JAMAICA patio awning PREMIUM without cassette


  • Construction made of extruded aluminum
  • Flyer chains in his arms
  • Square support beam
  • Winding tube support for large widths
  • The visor can be fitted with a cover
    rolled up fabric against weathering
  • The support beam makes mounting the system easy
  • It is possible to use cross arms
  • Simple operation using full automation
  • Possibility of using telescopic supports
Characteristic JAMAICA patio awning PREMIUM without cassette


  • CASSETTE missing
  • ROLLER PIPE 70 mm and 80 mm diameter
  • MOUNTING the wall, ceiling, roof rafter
  • HEIGHT 1.6m; 2.1m; 2.6m; 3.1m; 3.6m; (with a maximum awning width of 7 m.)
  • Folding arms, aluminum, with springs and a Flyer plate, leveling of folded arms, in the case of cross arms, minimum width - 0.4m
  • TILT ANGLE 5 ° ~ 40 ° for self adjustment
  • CONSTRUCTION COLOR powder varnish: white, beige, bronze, silver + graphite, graphite
  • SEWING over 100 designs
  • HAND DRIVE crank
  • AUTOMATIC DRIVE motor, motor with manual winding, remote control transmitter, wind and solar weather automation
  • FALBANA standard height 21cm (± 0.5cm), shape according to the specimen, maximum height 40cm (valance type "C" and "D") maximum height 50cm (valance type "E" )
demo video of the terrace awning

Patio awnings and Smart Home in Knall

Electrically controlled KNALL terrace awning powered by a SOMFY IO motor connected to the SOMFY TAHOMA smart home control unit and a shock sensor. The awning is made of the highest quality materials: Construction made of extruded aluminum, Flyer chains in the arms, The supporting beam is a closed square section.

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