Match guarantee

Regulations of the Match Guarantee offered by Knall

  •  The warranty applies only to products bought on the website

  •  If, when ordering a product, you make a mistake when entering its dimensions, we can easily fix it. You will only bear the costs of sending the product back to us.

  •  What if there were several, incorrectly measured products in the order? You should send them back in one package. Remember - We apply the Match Guarantee once per order.

  •  What if we sent the product in the wrong dimensions? Tell us immediately - we will pick up and improve the product without any additional costs.

  •  The Match Guarantee applies to product improvement, not replacement. Remember that to use it, an error should be reported no later than 21 days from the date of purchase.

  • The Fit Guarantee applies to the correction (shortening / reduction) of the width or height of the product and to a maximum difference of 10%.

  •  The fit guarantee does not cover (extend / increase) the product dimension.

  •  The Match Guarantee does not cover changes in the assembly method.

  •  The Match Guarantee applies to all orders except commercial orders (for a VAT invoice).

  •  The Guarantee of Matching is not used for finished products.