Decorative window covers

Decorative fabrics are often what determines the style of the interior. Which pattern we choose, where the decors appear and how we compose the whole is one of the most important decisions made when planning or changing the decor.

We have learned to think that decorative fabrics are furniture upholstery, blankets and pillows, various types of rugs or carpets. However, that's not all. Window covers are currently one of the most important elements of the interior - various types, decorative materials and high-quality fittings make it a lot to choose from. Windows need covers, and the range of colors and patterns on fabrics will allow you to easily match them to the style in which we want to decorate our interior.

Fashionable designs
The choice of color, pattern and texture of the window cover fabric will not only complement the interior design, but also give it a specific character. Of course, remember that the decor is not too much and that it is kept in one style; in addition, smaller interiors prefer brighter colors so that they do not appear optically smaller.

The issues of patterns on fabrics are also subject to fashion, here are some of the most fashionable this year:

  • Geometric patterns- for people who like expressive arrangements. With more space, intense colors and expressive patterns will attract attention and add energy to the interior. Triangles, diamonds, squares, lines and circles will work well both in modern and more classic styles. However, with this type of design, the rest of the interior (walls, upholstery or other additions) should remain smooth.
  • Botanical patterns or urban jungle- floral motifs such as large leaves, flowers or vines are one of the most popular trends of 2020. These types of decors can also be found on window cover fabrics. The urban jungle style works well with wood and white gray; it is important that a balance is maintained between the shield design and the other elements of the room.
  • pastels- if you are not an admirer of expressive decorations in the windows pastels are still in vogue. Shield materials in delicate pastel colors can be a great background for stronger colors or clear patterns on the wall or furniture. In addition, pastels go very well with metallic additives in the interior - copper, gold or brass.
  • Japandi -Japan inspiration. The decor is a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese styles. The best materials, natural colors and a certain degree of austerity. In window covers, this means earth tones and neutral patterns.
  • flash of- the shiny material is supposed to add elegance to the interior. The glamor note will work in a modern, classic and art deco style. The shiny fabric of the cover will add character to the interior, but it is also demanding when it comes to other accessories. Remember that the other elements highlight the flash instead of introducing satiety or chaos.

Types of covers
Decorative fabrics are first and foremost Roman blinds and decorative curtains. Here we choose from an extensive offer of both colors and patterns on tannins. On the Knall website, it is enough to "click" on a given fabric pattern to see it enlarged and / or to read the description of individual groups of fabrics.

Fabric blinds also deserve attention here - they are not made of natural fabrics, like Roman blindsand curtains, but the color range is extensive and the quality of the accessories is very high. In addition, when ordering, we can also choose the color of the accessories that match the fabric and style of the interior.

A completely separate category will be here fotorolety- is an offer for individualists. We can put any photo from our archive on the material or choose a theme available on the website. A speed camera is more than an element of decor. This, in a sense, shows the character, hobby or memories of the residents themselves.