Awnings - the best for summer

It is true that spring is a bit lazy this year, but it is still coming. It's about time to think about how to prepare your home and garden for a pleasant time. And there is nothing nicer than a shaded place where we can hide when it's hot around us.

Awningsis a product that will work perfectly here. On the one hand, it is characterized by the aesthetics of workmanship, and on the other hand, an offer designed in such a way that it is easy to choose the type of awning to suit individual needs.

In recent years, summer temperatures have been very high and last even into early autumn. Therefore, it is worth taking care of protection against the sun, so that it can be pleasant to spend time in the garden in summer.

Types of awnings
In the awning category, you can choose a product that suits your needs. The most classic product is herepatio awning. It is a product that is mounted on the wall of the house, so that the unfolded awning material shades the terrace area. In this way, the terrace becomes a kind of extension of the house, a place to relax in the shade, meet friends or eat outside. Additionally, an extended awning protects the living room from the sun and thus lowers the temperature inside. Last year we also introduced the Knall awnings to the offerbalcony awnings. When placed over the balcony, they will perfectly shade it and make it possible to use it also during hot weather. The balcony awning, just like the terrace awning, will also shade the interior of the house. Both types of this type of awning are decorated with characteristic stripes, reminiscent of the holiday climate of southern Europe.

One of the most modern types of awning is the categoryVeranda. The Veranda awning has been designed to protect against the sun, the so-called winter gardens and skylights, glass roofs or glass annexes. During the summer, this space must be effectively protected from the sun, because the glass heats up exceptionally well. Veranda can cover a large space due to the possibility of modular assembly. They can be placed at any angle of inclination despite the fact that the cassette is arranged horizontally.

Awnings okienne z kolei przeznaczone są typowo do stolarki pionowej – okien i drzwi balkonowych/tarasowych. Wyposażono je w ruchomą belkę, którą można odchylić i mieć dostęp do parapetu. Markiza tego typu skutecznie zapobiega zetknięciu się promieni słońca z szybą dzięki czemu bardzo dobrze ochroni wnętrze przed nagrzaniem. Awnings pionowe nie zaciemniają całkowicie pomieszczeń, światło dzienne jest przytłumione, ale nie trzeba dodatkowo korzystać z oświetlenia sztucznego.

Aesthetics of awnings
Awnings to produkt, który montowany jest na zewnątrz (Veranda mogą być zakładane także w środku) dlatego wszystkie kategorie cechuje wysoka jakość materiałów, które na długo mają zachować swój estetyczny wygląd pomimo działania czynników atmosferycznych. W utrzymaniu estetyki materiału pomaga także kaseta, do której materiał markiz jest zwijany np. po sezonie lub w trakcie gwałtownych opadów.

The hardware is made of a special type of aluminum which is also resistant to weather changes. The more that the awning is not dismantled after the end of the summer season.
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