Awnings and pergolas - a way to shade

How to effectively shade a terrace or garden without spoiling their aesthetic appearance? Summer heat often makes it impossible to freely use the terrace or the garden. When you can't take shelter in the shade, the heat can really annoy you. Therefore, it is worth taking care of solving this problem. And do it effectively and aesthetically.

An awning or a pergola will create a shade over the terrace or anywhere in the garden. Both of these products have become more and more popular recently. Customers appreciate their aesthetics and the fact that thanks to it they can effectively protect a selected space from the sun


W ofercie sklepu Knall mamy dwa rodzaje pergoli – przyścienne lub wolnostojące. Pergola przyścienna osłania taras natomiast wolnostojąca może stanąć w dowolnym miejscu ogrodu lub na tarasie. Można zamówić ją na podany wymiar i łączyć modułowo (na stronie podany jest maksymalny wymiar jednego modułu). Pergolas przyścienną i wolnostojącą można również zamówić na wskazany wymiar. W kategorii „Pergolas”There are finished products available in three dimensions, which are given in the product description.

The pergola canopy is made of material or special feathers (lamellas). You can conveniently control them automatically. In free-standing pergolas it is possible to install side shields to protect against wind or light and short-term rain. You have to remember that these covers are not completely waterproof. The main task of a pergola is to shade the sun and create a shaded space on the terrace or in the garden. Places where you can take a break from the heat. All types of pergolas have LED lighting installed, so you don't have to think about lighting installation.

The colors of the custom-made pergolas include the RAL palette, while the finished products are anthracite. Before installing the pergola, the substrate may need to be properly prepared, please check this. Therefore, it is worth considering commissioning the assembly to a professional company.


The awning shades the space thanks to the retractable fabric sheet. It is used to cover the terrace(terrace awning)or balcony(balcony awning). The awning fabric can be smooth or striped; colors to choose from when ordering. The offer includes thicker waterproof materials. Assembly can be done independently, however, for larger awnings, they are manufactured to a given size, you can consider employing an assembly team due to the weight of the awning.

The awning material can be controlled manually or electrically, extending it to any range. We shade a larger or smaller area depending on the needs and the weather. When placing an order, you can use the option of installing solar and wind sensors. Solar sensors will activate the sliding of the fabric during the intense sun, so the terrace/balcony space will not heat up, and additionally the patio/balcony door will also be protected automatically cooler will be inside the house. In turn, thanks to wind sensors, the fabric will be automatically hidden from wind gusts that could damage the awning. Considering the rapid changes in summer weather, this is a very useful feature.

The installation of an awning or a pergola can make the summer more pleasant. When it is hot outside, it is worth taking a shelter in a safe and pleasant shade.