Blinds and blinds vs curtains part. 2

In September, on the blog we will compare two types of window screening - blinds/shutters and curtains. Nowadays, it's time to introduce the product, which are decorative curtains. The question: roller shutters/blinds or curtains cannot be answered unequivocally. A lot depends on individual preferences. However, for many people this decision may not be easy, so we present these two types of products.

Curtains and curtains are an absolute classic when it comes to screening windows. However, in modern designs they appear together less and less. That is why we usually use the term "decorative curtains", which can also act as curtains. The type of product may depend on, for example, the function of the room. In rooms that are to be more illuminated, you can opt for lighter materials, transmitting more sunlight. In turn, for rooms that are to be shaded, you can choose a thicker fabric.

Advantages of curtains
The main advantage of decorative curtains is the ability to combine various functions depending on the type of fabric. You can use the most classic combination and cover the windows with curtains and curtains, combining the delicate material of one with a thicker fabric of the other. In this way, during the day, after opening the curtains, the window and the interior will remain covered with a curtain. In interiors decorated in minimalist styles, only one type of fabric is used. The interior is full of light when the material is pulled out. In this case, the texture of the material can be adjusted to the type of room. For example, in a living room, the material may be thinner in a light color; after it is closed, the interior will remain illuminated. In the bedroom, on the other hand, the rough texture of the fabric protects the interior both from the sun during the day and from the glare of street lamps at night.

Currently, decorative curtains are becoming more and more fashionable, therefore they appear more and more often in interior design projects. It is worth remembering that the materials from which the curtains are sewn are natural and therefore perfectly fit into the fashion for ecological solutions in decorations.

Curtains in the interior styling
Curtains have the ability to insulate the interior, therefore they are perfect for large interiors with large windows. A large selection of fabric colors gives the possibility of matching them to individual projects. In larger rooms, you can use various colors of fabrics and choose those with decorative patterns, such as plant motifs. Nowadays, window coverings are not only a way to protect against the sun's rays in order to lower the temperature in the house. It is also an important element of the decor; therefore, the variety of fabrics is to satisfy the most demanding tastes. However, in smaller rooms, smooth and bright materials that will not reduce them optically are better suited. The curtain does not fit into the space of the window like a roller blind or a blind, so it is worth taking care of the appropriate choice of its color, so that it does not overwhelm the entire less spacious interior.

In large interiors, where the surface of the curtain will also be large, the installation of electric curtain rails will be a convenient solution. Thanks to them, sliding and sliding the fabric will be comfortable; especially if, in addition, the material from which they are sewn is also thicker. Electric curtain rails are equipped with a system that prevents unsightly swinging, the so-called soft start/stop. Electric control will facilitate the use of large curtains, but also a curtain rod will maintain their aesthetic position at all times. With a large surface of the fabric, even when pinned, sliding may affect the even position of the curtains. Moving the material using an electric mechanism overcomes this problem.