Decorative Christmas curtains

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Christmas is fast approaching. You can see Christmas decorations and lights everywhere. The first production of Christmas gingerbread has started. We are slowly starting to think about the organization of this special time. During Christmas, the most important thing is the atmosphere. However, the smells of traditional dishes and the decoration of the house are equally important. Everything that makes up the unique and one-of-a-kind atmosphere of Christmas.

Decorations include a festive table and accessories visible throughout the house. Table setting. The smell of a fresh Christmas tree and centerpieces set on the tables. But not only that. Christmas decorations are also visible in the windows. Standing and hanging reeds, lamps or candles. Decorative are also becoming more and more popular Christmas curtains.

Christmas curtains include both colors and decorative patterns associated with Christmas. Such a cover will emphasize the atmosphere and give your home a special Christmas atmosphere.

Festive appearance of windows

The decoration of the windows complements the decor of the whole house. During Christmas, you can additionally emphasize the entire decor by hanging Christmas curtains.

Let's start with the color scheme. For years we associate Christmas with a combination of bottle green and red. If you like stronger color accents, you can choose such a solution. Velor curtains are also fashionable nowadays. Green or red combined with this material looks very festive. You can also combine, for example, the color green with a red sash draped through the curtain. However, it should be remembered that in smaller interiors, the darker and intense color of the curtains may cause an optical reduction effect and dominate the interior. In such cases, it is better to choose a light and neutral color of the curtains, where the atmosphere of Christmas will be emphasized by decorations. They can just be tied scarves in the colors of green and red. But not only that. The colors of Christmas are also extinguished gold, garnet (often combined with silver).

Decorative patterns are a very interesting solution for holiday curtains. It is also a good idea to use in larger and smaller homes. The decor may appear all over or at the bottom of the veil, but the background may remain bright. Decorative patterns are embroidered in various colors: green, red, gold, navy blue or silver; colors associated with Christmas. These can be geometric patterns or shapes of baubles, green or snow-covered branches of a Christmas tree or Bethlehem stars. Decorative curtains also feature fairy-tale patterns: Santas, reindeers and characteristic Christmas gnomes. Such curtains can bring a festive atmosphere to a child's room.

Christmas curtains are made of natural fabrics that are durable and very aesthetic. Hidden after Christmas, they will keep their beautiful appearance for a long time. The more so because Christmas decors and colors are universal. They do not lose their relevance. They have been accompanying us for years and are associated with this special time of the year.

Shopping in Knall

Curtains in our store, they are sewn to the specified size, which must be specified when placing the order. When placing an order, you should also choose the color, type of fabric and/or any decorative print. We offer curtains on stylish rings or special Microflex hooks. The offer also includes electric curtain rails, which are perfect for larger sizes of decorative curtains. They make it easier to move the curtain and keep it aesthetically tight.


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