Christmas decorations

Decorating your home is a very pleasant part of Christmas preparations. Thanks to this, long before Christmas, we begin to feel their unique atmosphere. Already at the beginning of December, a Christmas tree and various centerpieces appear in many homes. Christmas lights are hanging. Smell the gingerbread dough.

This unique atmosphere accompanies us throughout December until the special day of Christmas Eve, and then stays in our memories for a long time. We celebrate Christmas especially because the way the house is decorated is so important to us. However, the question “How?” Hides many interesting things. Modernity meets tradition - new trends are intertwined with decorations kept in the basement and still remembered by my grandparents' house. Colorful decorations are intertwined with a uniform color, creating a color base. Decorations made by hand stand next to the ready ones. Each house is unique because each of us creates its decorations in our own way.

Christmas 2021

This year, the Saints rule the whole house. Elements of Christmas decorations appear not only in the living room, but also in individual rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Reeds, candles with themed decorations, all kinds of textiles referring to Christmas - Christmas curtains, cushions, tablecloths. And of course a Christmas tree.

What can be noticed is the consistency of the decorations; thematic theme appearing in each room. It can be, for example, a color theme. This year, subdued colors are popular. Invariably red and green, however, in a darker shade. The gold color also appears constantly in festive decorations. A novelty is the bronze colors that go well with it: beige, cinnamon, orange, plum and burgundy. The name British Newstalgia also appears in the trends. This is something for people who love the atmosphere of the interior full of pillows, warm rugs, candles creating a warm and somewhat mysterious atmosphere straight from the Hogwarts Castle. Everything, of course, decorated with a holiday theme.


Color świątecznych dekoracji nie jest przypadkowa. Nieodmiennie powtarzają się trzy kolory: zielony, czerwony oraz złoty. To barwy pojawiające się już w średniowieczu i nawiązujące do tematyki religijnej. Zieleń symbolizuje życie i odrodzenie, harmonię z naturą i nadzieję. Kiedyś na zielono malowano symbole religijne, a dziś to przede wszystkim choinka. Czerwień symbolizowała krew, ale również władzę i znaczenie króla. Złoto oznacza światło przeciwstawiające się złu, ale również tworzy przestrzeń boską. Widzimy je w gwieździe nad stajenką.

The most beautiful thing about Christmas decorations is that they bring us joy. They evoke a smile and make the anticipation of Christmas as magical as the holiday itself.

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, we wish everyone peace and joy as well as magic moments spent with loved ones.

Make dreams come true in the new year!

Knall team