Fashionable windows in 2019

The beginning of the year is not only the beginning of the implementation of the New Year's resolutions but also the time to plan changes and to think how to implement them. It's still a bit sluggish after Christmas, but with the distant spring we want to change something, we want to plan the shape of the coming months and events that are supposed to accompany us in the future.

The fashionable windows in 2019

Our plans are very different, some minor ones bigger. Certainly, the most important are those related to the home, the place where our everyday affairs are happening. Magical words renovation, construction or purchase (house / flat) give us thrills, fear and emotions. What, how, where, when and of course - what to look like. Fashion is a word that applies to many things, including construction and, of course, how windows should look. They very often determine the appearance of the whole building. What will be the year 2019 in window joinery? Below are some of the most important trends

Applicable trends

The year 2018 has not ended yet, and the architects have already been thinking about 2019, which will apply to projects in the coming year. Will there be new or maybe trends will come back. Let's see:

  • Light and space - large glazing all the time in fashion. The next year begins, in which the projects will be crowned with large glazing. This applies to both single-family and urban housing. The houses will remain spacious and bright, with windows that often occupy the entire wall. Connecting the living room with the kitchen and windows overlooking the garden will remain the current trends. Municipal construction also focuses on interior lighting; in this way, elegant lumps of buildings appear in the urban space, and their interiors are full of light, which makes them seem more spacious. Large glass panes have the ability to give buildings a bit of light, but at the current level of technology they do not affect the loss of heat in any way.
  • Energy efficiency - economic construction. The growing costs of energy use make the window design in a sense treated as an investment. In energy-saving homes, large glazing is often designed from the southern side. In this way, the interiors are heated and use less energy. Modern windows have very good thermal insulation parameters that ensure heat retention; very important here is their proper assembly.
  • Profiles - minimalism. Narrow window profiles will stay on top. Minimalism has no effect on quality, the most attention is paid to it - adequate insulation is very important for the use of large obstacles and energy-efficient homes. Here, first of all, attention should be paid to aluminum profiles; they are light, but they are characterized by durability and stiffness. In addition, they are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.
  • Colors - some changes. The fashion for gray, anthracite and white will be maintained, but in the projects, colors with a natural, visible wood pattern will appear more and more frequently. Veneer imitating wood will bring more warmer atmosphere to the interior.