Aluminum blinds - one sheath, many possibilities

Aluminum blindsthey have been present on the window cover market for many years. Their appearance, quality and types have changed at this time, just as the market itself has changed. What were the reasons for these changes? Above all, our tastes have changed, and this is followed by changes in fashion regarding interior design. More and more often, heavy curtains and curtains began to disappear from the windows. They replaced them with blinds and blinds that blend in with the window space. We wanted to have a lot of sunlight in the apartments, and larger windows appeared in the designs. Their protection had to be very well thought out, so that the interior was effectively protected from excessive heating, while not being overwhelmed by too heavy a shield. It's all tastefully composing with the whole interior.

Technology has also changed. The quality of the materials from which the blinds were made was higher and higher, there appeared changes in the appearance of the slats, and the color range was more and more extensive.

Today, the world of aluminum blinds is a completely different reality. They have the most extensive palette of colors with all types of window covers. The quality of the equipment and control mechanism is at the highest level. The slats have a different width, and thus you can easily compose them with larger and smaller window spaces. In addition, aluminum blinds are very versatile - they perfectly blend not only with the interior design of the home, but also tastefully complement the appearance of office space.

The advantages of aluminum blinds

The advantage of this type of cover is very much.
Let's start with the width of slat blinds, or lamellas. You can choose from three widths:16mm, 25mm and 50mm. The width of the lamellas translates into what the size of the window blinds will be the best to compose. And so, with smaller windows, the narrower slats - 16mm or 25mm look better. The window space looks very tasteful and light (it is not overwhelmed by the cover). In turn, with larger glazing, it is worthwhile to use wider sipes (50mm). They will fit nicely into a bigger window, and it will be easier to control everything. Controlling the strips, of course, combines with the protection of the interior against excessive sunlight, and hence heating. Aluminum shutter slats are embedded in the highest quality equipment, and with the help of a rope mechanism with ease we regulate the access of light by adjusting the lamellae in the appropriate, for the time of day and the angle falling light, position. Knall online store offers only products prepared for individually given size. Therefore, there is no problem with choosing a size not only when ordering, but also with the width of the blind laths matched to it.

The colors and appearance of the lamellas

Another great advantage is the extensive color range. There is no problem with matching the look of the blinds to the character of the interior design. Here it is also worth mentioning about the differenttypes of the appearance of slats; we have classic aluminum strips and a group with wood-like and perforated slats. Each group has its own palette of colors. Particular attention is worth devoting to perforated blinds. Their slats have tiny holes all over the surface; even completely obscured, they will let through and diffuse the light nicely. This is especially important in office spaces, where the supply of sunlight should be provided throughout the day.
Cleaning aluminum blinds is very simple. All you need is a special brush to remove dust; the brush can be replaced with a dry cloth. Once in a while, it's worth wiping wet slats. And here again, it is worth paying attention to the headquarters of companies; the speed and easiness of removing dirt from the cover will be an advantage here.