The Autumn is looking through your windows

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So the Autumn is here, you cannot spread the time and stop the Summer from going away. But is this Autumn really so bad? The weather may not spoil you - it's true, but on the other hand... These colourful leaves, the smell of fresh apples and mushroom and this unique sunlight, slightly dim, but still strong. The Golden Polish Autumn that looks through your windows. You just need a comfy chair, a soft blanket and some warm tea, and Autumn does not look so bad any more.

What is more, this is the time when you want your windows uncovered as often as possible to let some light into your home. During hot summer days, when the shaded rooms allowed you to rest from the heat, you now want to absorb the light.

We associated window coverings mainly with Spring and Summer. You cannot be more wrong. This is how we forget about their decorative functions, equally important as those related to shadowing of rooms. Window coverings pose a decorative element of our houses and apartments. They should be a decoration and an element stressing the character of the room, going hand in hand with the whole interior. The window decoration, contrary to one may expect, is one of the most significant design elements. The interiors must be well-lit so you can feel good there, thus the windows occupy some large space. This is why it is so important what we hang there. It should go well with the interior design, not dominate but highlight.

What kind of window coverings should we choose for Autumn?

The offer of window covers is very broad. While choosing them for our houses, we pay attention to effective protection from the Sun and heat, as well as to the decorative functions. We have already said it numerous times that the best protection against the rooms getting excessively hot is the external coverings. Installed in front of the window glass they create a kind of armour that secures the rooms from hot sun rays.

The Autumn time is when we uncover our windows and make the most of the Sun that gives us some pleasant warmth, but first of all the light. Here is where we focus on decoration of windows and the product that can potentially disperse the light, not dimming it too much. So we choose mainly the interior blinds - fabric, Roman, printed or day&night. You can stop the roller blind fabric at any spot, adjusting to the time of day and intensity of Autumn light, which can still be very bright.

We also don't forget about the colour pallet. While it is all about more shadow in case of bedrooms or children rooms all year round (to rest in comfort), when it comes to living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms, this is might not be the issue. These rooms should be well-lit and bright, and this is how they also seem to be more spacious. Therefore, it is worth choosing bright-coloured roller blinds to such rooms. Even when unfolded because of the bright autumn sun, they won't take away so much daylight. They will simply distribute it throughout the whole room.

All kinds of roller blinds are manufactured with care over quality and tasteful appearance, both of the materials and the finishing elements. What is more, the roller blinds offered in Knall are manufactured for individual dimensions, so they will fit your window perfectly.


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