10 things you need to know when buying roller blinds for your door

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Although roller shutters are primarily known as window covers, they can also be successfully thought of as a security solution for balcony doors and glazed entrance doors. The choice is increasing, so it's no wonder that there are more and more questions being asked to minimize the risk of making a wrong decision. Time to answer the most important of them.

Why do we need roller blinds on the door?

One of the more discussed issues is why we actually need roller shutters on the balcony door. Of course, our own comfort comes to the fore - glazed doors are charming, but not everyone feels good in a situation where there are no restrictions and a random person can look inside the house. However, it is also worth paying attention to other advantages of such a solution. The blinds are visually attractive, so they are perfect as a decorative element. As if that was not enough, they allow you to regulate the level of sunlight access to the interior, which makes it more pleasant to use.

How to fit the roller shutter to the door?

Once we know why it is worth considering a door roller shutter, we can start considering which of the available solutions will work best in our case. Compatibility is of key importance in this case, as the door can be different. Other solutions work well in the case of PVC doors, but when we are dealing with sliding patio doors - you can no longer take advantage of many options available in other circumstances. When looking for roller shutters, it is also good to take into account the existence of specific amenities used in the door. Even the most beautiful shutter will start to irritate us when it turns out that it makes it difficult to open and close the door.

Bearing this in mind, it is worth being cautious about advertisements about the most popular roller blinds. What works for other people may not be as attractive in our case. With this in mind, we will avoid disappointment. We will not waste any money either.

How to install roller blinds on the door?

The installation of roller shutters on the door is so simple that in most cases we are able to do it ourselves. Of course, there are a few rules to follow to facilitate this kind of task. The principle that seems obvious comes to the fore. When installing roller shutters, we should pay attention to their arrangement in relation to the handle, as well as to possible difficulties when opening and closing the door. Theoretically, we are not talking about a big challenge. In reality, however, we are dealing with a problem that makes itself felt very often.

It is also good to remember that the blind should be mounted as high as possible so as not to restrict the access of light to the room. If we plan to install it in the ceiling, we should also remember about the telescopic slats, known for ensuring full door coverage with a roller shutter. We should also remember that not everyone has to be an expert on everything. If self-assembly seems beyond our strength, do not be afraid to seek help from specialists.

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Which door roller blind color will be the best?

When we choose roller blinds for doors, matching their color turns out to be of particular importance. It is not difficult to guess that our personal preferences will in such a case clash with the specific guidelines necessary to take into account due to the nature of the room. Today, roller blinds are available in many colors, so we less and less often have to decide on compromise solutions. The most popular ones include calming green, classic brown perfectly matching the wooden furniture and elegant beige. However, nothing stands in the way of introducing a pink door roller blind in a decorative interior, and putting it on white in a classic interior. Importantly, choosing a bright roller shutter does not mean today that it will not effectively limit the access of sunlight to the room. This property is currently determined not by the color, but by the type of fabric used.

How can you be sure that the blind you buy will be durable?

If the roller shutter for balcony, terrace or exterior doors is to be a solution for many years, we cannot limit ourselves to choosing an interesting color scheme. Yes, it is important, but the durability of the window cover we choose is no less important. Here, it is of great importance how the door is situated in relation to the sides of the world. Those facing south pose the most problems. They have the longest contact with the sun's rays, so it is no wonder that they quickly lose many of their properties. If you want to avoid disappointment, it is worth considering investing in those made of PVC. They will be resistant to solar radiation, and keeping them clean will be easier.

When choosing roller shutters for balcony doors it is worth remembering that they will be exposed to frequent contact with water. So when purchasing a particular window cover, make sure it is not a problem.

How to choose a roller shutter when we have a sliding balcony door?

The biggest mistake made when choosing roller shutters installed on sliding doors is putting on covers protruding from the glass. Using the door then becomes more difficult. What's more, even if we are very careful, we can damage the cover, which is a condition that we would prefer to avoid. Therefore, if we are counting on solutions that will survive for years, we should focus primarily on pleats. These are available today not only in their classic version, but also as thermal insulation blinds - protecting not only against intense sun and prying eyes, but also against excessive heating of the room.

Pleats, also known as folding blinds, are not only elegant but also modern. They are also visually lighter than classic blinds and roller blinds, which justifies introducing them to rooms in a minimalist and industrial style. Contrary to classic blinds, the pleats can be configured in any way, achieving the optimal level of shade at a given moment. At the same time, they take up little space, and keeping them clean is not a difficult task. Thermo models do not differ from classic folding roller blinds visually. However, they are able to protect their users from overheating the room. They have coatings that reflect the sun's rays. They protect the interior from excessively high temperatures in summer. They also contribute to the fact that the furniture does not discolor when exposed to sunlight.

How can door blinds affect the look of a room?

Although so far we have focused primarily on the features of the roller shutters themselves, we must remember that they do not exist in a vacuum. Their choice affects the appearance of the room they go to. It is worth emphasizing that by following a few simple rules, we can contribute to the fact that it gains much more than we initially thought.

If we want to enlarge the space optically - let's take a look at the color of the windows and try to create a shade for the door blinds consistent with them. However, if we want to keep the modern look of the room - a roller blind contrasting with the color of windows and walls will be a more interesting choice. An interesting solution are also door blinds in colors corresponding to those used in the room. They provide the effect of consistency, and at the same time introduce a certain unconventional nature.

What, apart from aesthetic values, can roller blinds for doors provide us?

Door roller shutters are in the center of our attention primarily because they protect the room against access to sunlight, when these are an obstacle for us. However, they also have several other features that make them worth taking an interest in.

  1. They provide protection against high temperatures in summer.
  2. They protect the furniture against color loss, which is important, especially when the room is located on the south side of the building with blinds.
  3. They prevent neighbors and passers-by from seeing inside the house.
  4. Door roller blinds can also contribute to the visual attractiveness of the room. They also increase its economic value, which is useful when we want to sell them.

What are the popular types of door blinds?

The pleats are considered the most popular door blinds. However, they are not the only ones worth paying attention to. Day and night blinds made of two layers of fabric arranged alternately are also very popular. The belts of such blinds are able to guarantee full blackout. However, if we do not need it, we can immediately change the setting and enjoy the daylight in the room.

Roman blinds are also the ones that look great on patio and balcony doors. We associate them primarily with classic interiors, but today their selection is so large that they can also be adapted to minimalist, modern living rooms. Investing in roller shutters of this type no longer involves a large expense. It is also worth considering because Roman blinds show impressive durability.

Which roller shutters to choose for external doors?

External doors with glazing are not very popular in Polish homes. However, we deal with them in service premises, and their popularity is systematically growing. Roller shutters used in their case are designed not only to make the building more attractive, but also to increase the safety of people and property in it. No wonder that in such a case, the sellers of covers are moving away from pleats and classic day-night roller blinds, recommending external anti-burglary roller blinds.

They can only be installed on the door, but there is nothing to prevent them from being a security feature for both doors and windows. Roller shutters of this type can be lowered and closed automatically. They provide excellent protection, but are also an example of solutions that can be used without much own effort.


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