Terrace awnings - a way to get hot

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Summer in full. It's hot outside and everyone dreams about a bit of shade. For several years we have been dealing with high temperatures in the summer. And if it's the perfect weather for the time of vacation, it's not necessarily the time we spend in the city after it's over. Extremely hot outside also means high temperature at home. So we have no chance to fight the heat? Not necessarily.

Patio awning is a product that allows you to create a shadow over a patio, balcony or window. Because in the online store Knall is produced on the size specified in the order, its size can be different and adapted to the place it has to shadow. Awnings of this type can be associated primarily with summer gardens near restaurants or cafes. There is nothing more pleasant than resting in a cool shade with a cup of coffee. No wonder that the solution used by the owners of this type of premises was quickly adopted in private homes.

Advantages of patio awnings

The advantage of patio awnings is many, but undoubtedly the most important of them is the ability to create a shady space. When the awning is mounted above a patio or balcony, we have two benefits. We gain a place where we can rest. The space created by the stretched awning material will be an ideal place to spend time outdoors during warm days. Additionally, thanks to this, the windshields are covered, which means that in the middle of the house or flat it will be cooler. In summer, we want to spend as much time outside as possible, but when it's hot it is not only not pleasant but it can also be dangerous. Especially for small children and older people. Shadow, which we can create in a specific place, eliminates this problem. In the case of awnings mounted above the windows, we gain shade of the room and lower the temperature prevailing in them.

One of the advantages of patio awnings is their high aesthetics. Special acrylic, acrylic waterproof and polyester coated PVC fabrics are used for production, so that the material is resistant to sunlight and small rain. This is to maintain a nice marquee look for a long period of time. In addition, the whole structure is designed to be resistant to wind gusts - profiles are thicker; in addition, they are painted using the powder method, thanks to which they are resistant to rusting. Controlling the material is very simple. We do it with the help of an electric mechanism or manually with an aesthetic hand. You do not have to develop the entire surface of the fabric, we stop it at any time.

The awning aesthetics are also influenced by the color palette of materials, you can choose different sets of colors and in this way match the whole color of the building's facade. Maintaining the aesthetics of the awnings also serves the proper care for the fabric. With stretched material you can regularly remove dirt in the form of dust, leaves or twigs. We do it with an ordinary brush on a longer stick. At the end of the season you can take off and wash the material. A soft sponge and water with a mild detergent serve this purpose very well. The material must be thoroughly dried prior to curling. A good solution is also the choice of an awning model in which the material curls into a special cassette (e.g.Palm model).

Vertical window awnings, or screen blinds

In the subject of marquises, it is also worth mentioning vertical awnings, i.e. screen blinds. This is one of the most modern types of external blinds. They are created by a special mesh mounted in front of the window pane. It stops the sun's rays before they touch the glass pane creating something like a thermal screen - hence their name "screen". Stopping the rays from the glass is extremely effective when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in In the middle of the room because the glass is responsible for heating in about 80%. More about "screen" blinds here.


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