Which gives the interiors an extraordinary character

Topic interior design he often appears in special magazines devoted to this, on websites where various solutions in the field of furnishing the home are shown and wherever we are looking for inspiration in furnishing the interior inside ™.

This is a topic that will always be topical. Firstly, because there will always be changes in it. He will always follow fashion, new trends, new materials, decorations - all things that have the ability to give the interior character. There is, however, a second reason. Much more important. Home is a unique place where we rest, have fun spending time with friends and family, in which we grow up and in which we watch how our children grow. It changes with us and it is our character that reflects. Trends in interior design can be a clue, but the beginning of inspiration, however, home is primarily people. If we combine these two things, we can clearly see why interior design gives us so much pleasure. Thanks to this, a completely unique space is created.

That is why we should not be afraid of mixing styles, drawing some similarities from them and creating something of our own. Remembering to keep a common denominator that will prevent chaos. Natural materials can be such a denominator. Wood, fabric, wicker, stone. Nature is unique and has the ability to give the space something special. In addition, it is universal; will work if we prefer modernity, and will work if we are lovers of the classics.

Wooden blinds - a unique cover
Wooden blinds are made of natural wood. It is thanks to this that they will perfectly complement the interior, the common feature of which is to be a subtle climate but not devoid of expressive character. Not only lamellas (horizontal strips) are wooden, but also their housing and knob of the steering mechanism. The whole creates an extremely aesthetic impression. The fact that wooden blinds blend in nicely with the window space also helps that the width of the slats can be selected. There are three different options to choose from:25mm, 50mm and 65mm.Narrower lamellas work very well in smaller windows, while wider ones with larger glazing. This is important if you consider differences in window sizes and often their custom sizes. You do not have to worry about not being able to mount this type of cover everywhere. The width of the slats and the size of the entire blind are selected according to the size of the window - in the Knall online store all covers are made to size.

The wooden blinds will also work well in interiors with different styling also due to their color palette. You can choose natural wood shades; from lighter to dark. You can also choose white or black.

Assembly and use
Like all interior covers, wooden blinds are mounted in the window space. They blend in with its space without the effect of overwhelming the interior and gravity. The mounting method depends on the width of the slats. The cause is the weight of the blinds, the wider the slats, the heavier they will be. The blinds whose slats have a width of 25mm are mounted to the wall or to the window frame. Side line guides prevent the slats from sticking out of the pane when assembling them to the window frame. In turn, blinds with 50mm and 65mm width slats are mounted to the wall or ceiling.

When it comes to maintaining the well-groomed appearance of wooden blinds, simply wipe them with a dry soft cloth using a wood care agent, and once in a while you can wash the whole thing ‡ a damp cloth dipped in lukewarm water with a care product. Then wipe dry.

What should be considered when choosing this type of blinds is the place where they are to be used. It is recommended that this space is not exposed to moisture, e.g. kitchen or bathroom window. If wooden blinds are to be found in such a place, then ventilation must be ensured. Otherwise, moisture can destroy the wood.