Saint Nicholas and the Great Change

Mikołaj looked glumly at the plate on which lay a single lettuce leaf.
- What is this? he asked grimly.
- Lunch - Mrs. Mikołaj answered coldly.
Santa sighed heavily and thought of things that would surely be on his "Bad Deeds" list. At home and at the Saint There was a revolution in Mikołaj because Mrs. Mikołaj had introduced strict rules since it turned out that his business attire was a bit tight, and on December 6 he was fast approaching. also Rudolf began to complain that his team is getting harder and harder to pull the sleigh. The traitor. The Elves have also fallen in. The times of milk with honey, cakes and cakes are over The times of green tea, lettuce and exercise began. Only reindeers survived extermination.

Mrs. Mikołaj's madness did not end there. Great whisking, cleaning and changes began. Mikołaj said that they should go with the times and renovate their home and workshop of the Elves a bit. Everyone was forced to go to work. The days were marked by painting, designing and assembling new furniture as well as sewing window covers. In addition, daily exercises - Nicholas almost fainted when he saw his wife for the first time in a new pink shiny tracksuit.

What about children, panicked Mikołaj. Elves roam moody and full of green tea, they have no strength for anything. There are piles of unread letters everywhere. And in the workshop, instead of gifts, wall paint is being produced. A disaster! He ran home quickly to remedy this, and there was a surprise. The elves are sitting cheerfully at the table, on which there are only delicious.
- Everything is ready with us - says Mikołaj. Now it's time to take care of the children!

The workshop has started in full swing. Letters have been read. Gifts prepared. Reindeer fur brushed. Mikołaj noticed that it was easier for him to run and get everything ready, and that the Elves were moving faster. On the plate, next to the leaf of lettuce, there were also other things, and everyday walks with Mrs. Mikołaj became a pleasure. He looked out the window and saw his snowy land. Something has changed here as well. Everything is renewed and somehow brighter, and the windows are hung tasteful blinds that do not obstruct the view. The whole house and workshop look beautiful.

It was December 6, everything was ready. Saint Nicholas put on a perfectly fitted outfit and jumped lightly on the sleigh. Mrs. Claus waved him cheerfully through the window. This is not so bad my Mikołaj, he thought and sent her a kiss. When he returned from around the world he got a cup of warm cocoa and a piece of delicious cake. There was a fire in the fireplace. Everywhere was quiet and peaceful.