Awning - a great helper in creating shadows

In the last part of the blog, we wrote about pergolas that can create an additional shaded space in the garden. They can cover the area above the terrace and/or at the terrace, thus increasing the surface on which we can rest during hot days or spend time with a larger group of friends. They can also stand anywhere in the garden and create a cozy place to read or simply relax.

Today we still remain on the topic of creating shade in the terrace space. If the pergola can enlarge the shaded space next to the terrace, above the terrace it will also work wellawning. The May weekend, which freshly followed us certainly did not spoil us with the weather, but we hope for a lot of sun and warmth in the coming summer. It is worth thinking about something that will allow us to be comfortable in the air, even during high temperatures. The awning will be perfect here.

Advantages of terrace awnings
Terrace awnings are a very aesthetic and functional product used to create a shaded space above all on the terrace, but you can also place it above the balcony or window. The more that the Knall online store offers awnings manufactured to individual dimensions. Therefore, the size can be easily adjusted to the needs.

The awning is mounted to the outer wall of the house, the bottom of the balcony or the roof rafter. Suitable brackets are selected for each mounting method. The most complicated can be mounting to an external wall, because it depends on the type of wall, its insulation, etc. In turn, awning materials are special acrylic fabrics, waterproof acrylic and PVC coated polyester. Thanks to this, they keep their aesthetic appearance for a long time. Since the whole structure is located outside, it must be resistant to weather conditions, e.g. wind gusts; the profiles used are thicker and rust-resistant thanks to powder coating.

Aesthetics of terrace awnings
The terrace awning is fully visible after being stretched. It should form a nice whole with the facade of the house/building. For this reason, the materials are designed in different color sets. This allows you to buy a product that aesthetically blends in with your home's color scheme. Folded fabric can hidein the cassetteor we can choose an awningwithout cassette, the choice depends primarily on the mounting location.

Special materials used in the production of awnings make them remain aesthetic for a long time, despite the effects of sunlight or light rain (the wet awning should be left to dry completely before re-rolling moths). Stretched awning material not only creates shade, but also creates a cozy area where you can relax. The advantage is also undoubtedly the fact that we decide ourselves whether we need shade at the moment or not. If, for example, we want to sunbathe for a moment, we hide the material - it is very simple and quick. And when we have enough sun, we develop the whole thing and create a shadow. A place to rest is ready. We can also hide under the awning during short and light rain, enjoying the view and the smell of wet earth on a warm day.