Protective caps against heat, part 1 2

Today on the blog we continue the topic of protection against heat, but we move to the center of the house. Windows are an important element of the building's architecture, they complement the exterior of the facade from the outside, and provide space and light inside. Thanks to the windows, even smaller rooms become optically more spacious. We love sunlight, it fills us with optimism and gives us energy to act. Probably because for some time there has been a fashion for large windows that make the house full of light.

Large windows are also a challenge for the interior design. Even the nicest windows should have covers - they protect the rooms against heating and ensure the privacy of the residents. However, the choice of covers depends on the decor, they should complement the style of the whole. Be a period over and not overwhelm and optically reduce the room.

Fortunately, the range of interior covers is very extensive, both in terms of their types and colors. You can easily choose the one that will stylishly complement the interior design. Additionally, in Knall we have covers prepared to size, so you can easily fit them to windows with non-standard dimensions.

Types of internal shields
Here you can choose between different types of blinds and blinds. Particularly noteworthy are those made of natural materials, i.e. Wooden blinds and Roman blinds. Both types are perfect for both modern and more classic interiors, in which stylistics are dominated by natural accessories: wood, stone, various fabrics, etc. Wood with its unique grain pattern has the unique ability to create a warm climate, even when we focus on minimalism. In turn, Roman blinds, sewn from various fabrics - from delicate and transparent, to fleshy and opaque, are an ideal replacement for curtains and / or curtains. Their additional advantage is the decorative lambrequin formed after rolling up the blind.

It is also worth paying attention to blinds day to night; here, in turn, the very design of the cover catches the eye. It consists of two layers of fabric; transparent and opaque. The roller shutter mechanism allows you to move the material and cover or reveal the window more. The whole effectively protects against the sun, and it looks very decorative.

Classic aluminum blinds and fabric roller blinds do not lose their attractiveness. Manufactured from high-quality materials and equipped with tasteful fittings, they will help complement the look of interiors designed in different styles, or change the appearance of an apartment when it is renovated.

In the end, you can't forget about decorative curtains. They are sewn from natural materials, identical to those from which Roman blinds are made. If someone is not convinced by roller blinds or blinds and something more classic, this type of covers will work perfectly. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, light and transparent (stylized on curtains) or thicker and opaque, classic decorative curtains.


We choose colors primarily to the interior appearance, but also to its size. Here, in the categories of roller blinds, the color palettes are extensive. There are smooth or decorative materials. If there are decorative fabrics in the interior - colorful or with decorative motifs or color accents on selected walls, then the window cover should be smooth and rather light.

Smooth modern fabrics perfectly match modern and minimalist interiors. The color is usually kept in a light tone, but gray or even black will also work here. And of course, wood in its natural colors.

The size of the rooms is another matter. Dark and light colors can be chosen for a large space. However, in smaller rooms it is better to put on bright, one-colored and delicate fabrics so that they do not optically reduce the interior. Especially if you decide on curtains it is worth remembering this rule.