Stylish window covers made of natural materials

Natural materials in the interior design will satisfy even the most demanding arrangement tastes. Stone, wood, glass and natural fabrics create a unique atmosphere and perfectly match each and every style of interior design. In addition, natural materials are safer for household members than synthetic ones and have "something" in them, which affects our good mood and well-being. The key to their use is moderation and proper use - stone is raw, wood has a charm of tradition, glass is light, all arrangements should be well thought out, so that a harmonious whole is created.

The type of floor, style of furniture, finishing materials determine the overall character of the interior, but it is the fabrics and accessories that emphasize the decor and dot the i. Even in minimalist and ascetic interiors they appear ... various fabrics, including window decorations. Without fabrics, the house becomes cold, it also has worse acoustics - the sounds bounce off the hard surfaces of the walls and furniture, creating unpleasant reverberation. The light coming through them, shielded like windows, will heat the room to an unpleasant temperature, and in addition UV rays will fade the colors of the walls and furniture. Fabrics emphasize the arrangement, and the variety of their species will allow them to match the style and color of the rooms.

Natural materials in window covers are wooden blinds, Roman blinds and decorative curtains - we have a variety here that allows you to freely choose a cover to suit your taste and needs.

Characteristic features of natural covers
Wooden blinds- made of slats of different widths (25mm, 50mm or 65mm) work identically to classic blinds. With the help of a string or tape mechanism (wooden housing and knob also made of wood), we adjust the degree of slat inclination depending on the needs, i.e. time of day and the amount of sunlight in the rooms. The lamellas made of wood are thicker, therefore, after they are closed, they are a bigger barrier to sunlight and effectively protect the interior against heating.

Roman blindsis a unique type of window covering. Sewn from decorative natural fabrics are a compromise between blinds/blinds and curtains. They have the ability to perfectly fit into the window space (identical to classic blinds/shutters), and at the same time they are entirely made of fabric - after folding it forms she regularly folds, creating a decorative pelmet above the window. Roller blinds are equipped with special underwires supporting the material, which, thanks to this, does not stick out of the window and is nicely arranged. Blinds materials have different texture and thickness, so they can easily replace both the curtain and the curtain.

And finally decorative curtain - a solution for people who like more classic solutions. Recently in interior arrangements, especially those more spacious, they appear more and more often. They are sewn from materials identical to Roman blinds and, thanks to the variety of fabrics, they can also act as curtains. They are available in two types of embroider; on rings (pipe curtain rods) or using special Microflex hooks.

The color and texture of the material
In wooden blinds we have a choice of classic wood shades and colors such as e.g. black and white. The width of the slats allows you to match the cover to the size of the room - the narrower lamellas (25mm) will work in smaller interiors; wider (50 or 65mm) in larger ones. The point is that they do not visually overwhelm and reduce the size of the rooms.

On the other hand, Roman blinds and curtains fabrics are a variety of colors, textures and decorative motifs. That is why it is easy to adapt them to different arrangements. Remember, however, that smaller rooms do not like dark colors and too many decorations on fabrics - then they become optically smaller.

All covers in the Knall online store are made to the specified size, which is why wooden blinds, Roman blinds or curtains can be easily adapted to the size of the window.