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Facade blinds

Facade blinds - characteristics

Façade blinds belong to the group of external window covers. They fit in with modern architectural trends in which aesthetics and innovative design go hand in hand with multidimensional functionality. Modern construction requires solutions combining the convenience of use with energy efficiency, which reduces operating costs - intelligent construction. The external shield in the form of facade blinds effectively protects the rooms against heating in summer, and protects the building against heat loss during winter. This results in measurable savings related to, for example, reduced use of air conditioning (summer), reduction of heating bills (winter).

Facade blinds can also affect the aesthetics of buildings; blend in very well with modern glazed designs. Their appearance is characterized by minimalism, so in fact they blend in very well with the buildings designed in various architectural styles.

Functions of facade blinds

Facade blinds as modern external blinds are used not only in houses or modern residential buildings, but also in public utility buildings, office buildings, shop windows or company headquarters. They have many features and benefits that are worth knowing.

Functions of facade blinds związane są ściśle z miejscem ich montażu; umieszczane są po zewnętrznej stronie okna. Z uwagi na to bardzo skutecznie chronią budynek przed nagrzewaniem dzięki temu, że pomiędzy żaluzją, a szybą okienną tworzy się poduszka powietrzna, a sama osłona jest barierą dla promieni słonecznych. Najwięcej ciepła do środka pomieszczeń dostaje się w wyniku zetknięcia się słońca z szybą; może to być nawet 80%. Po zamontowaniu żaluzji fasadowych ten problem znika, a we wnętrzach, w czasie ciepłych miesięcy, panuje przyjemny chłód. Ta sama zaleta sprawdza się kiedy na zewnątrz jest chłodno tyle, że działa w odwrotny sposób. Opuszczona żaluzja fasadowa zabezpiecza budynek przed nadmierną utratą ciepła, którego najwięcej „ucieka" przez okna. Dzięki temu można zredukować rachunki związane z ogrzewaniem wnętrz zimą.

The façade blinds have another significant advantage - their construction is identical to that of classic internal blinds. The structure consists of horizontally arranged lamellas, ie movable slats, the inclination of which can be changed depending on the intensity of the sunlight and its incidence angle. Thus, the interiors do not have to be completely darkened, and fresh air will get inside. The rooms can also be well lit in winter, when the sun is not so intense and the blind slats can be raised all the time. The same applies to more cloudy days. The light intensity can also be adjusted using the weather automation that measures the position of the sun and controls the lamellas.

Anti-theft facade blinds - as an external shield, this type of blinds can also perform anti-theft functions. The lowered armor protects the interior from break-in attempts, making it difficult to get inside. The facade blinds also soundproof the rooms and protect against the noise coming from the outside.

Installation of facade blinds

The facade blinds are made of very high quality materials, which makes them resistant to the effects of weather conditions. Strips (lamellas) are made of profiled C or Z-shaped aluminum (optional). In combination with properly selected guides and shields in the form of sheet metal or aluminum cassette with an oval or square cross-section, the facade shutter significantly affects the aesthetics of the building facade. The strips themselves are available in various widths and colors and there is no problem with matching them to the color of the facade. They are made of very durable materials, additionally thermally fixed, which results in resistance to changing weather conditions (snow, strong wind, frost) and UV rays (no fading effect) color).

Facade blinds can be installed not only in buildings that are under construction, but also in ready-made buildings. In finished buildings, surface-mounted facade blinds are installed, while in buildings that are under construction, recessed facade blinds are used. Flush-mounted blinds are equipped with a cassette for under-plaster assembly with a projection enabling the execution of external plastering; made of extruded aluminum.

In both types, recessed and surface-mounted blinds, polyester textile elements are thermally fixed, and the ladder is additionally reinforced with Kevlar. Holes in the lamellas
are wrapped to prevent the tapes from rubbing. Number of standard strip colors - 15; additionally, it is possible to varnish it in any color from the RAL palette. The façade blinds are equipped with electric or manual drive.

Wall blinds calculator - when placing an order in the Knall online store, the cost calculator automatically appears in the lower left corner.

Types of facade blinds

Knall online store offers facade blinds in two groups - flush-mounted and surface-mounted. In both cases, orders are prepared to the size individually specified by the customer. When placing an order, the color scheme is also selected.

Facade-mounted/surface-mounted blinds with slats C or Z
With the C-slats option, the drive can be electric or manual; maximum width 4.5m, maximum height 5m. With the Z-blade option, electric drive only; maximum width 4.5m, maximum height 3m.