KNALL electric curtain rod


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KNALL electric curtain rod

From very quiet operation, through soft start and stop, to memory function, stop when it encounters resistance and start by pulling the curtain. KNALL provides an extraordinary experience with every use.
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KNALL curtain rod

From ultra-quiet operation, soft start and stop, to memory, stop on resistance and start by pulling the curtain.
KNALL provides an extraordinary experience with each use.


KNALL electric drive

The drive can be used with curtains suspended in a straight or curved section, so often used in interior decoration of houses or hotels. Thanks to the included remote control, the user can control one or more layers of fabric. The installation of the device is simple and its operation is comfortable. The aluminum guide, which plays an important role in the home automation system, can be in the shape of a straight line or an arc.
Drive for curtains KNALL is characterized by very quiet operation which guarantees unprecedented comfort of use. The soft start and soft stop function allows the curtains to be moved smoothly. The intelligent limiter has a memory function, thanks to which there is no need to set it manually. The function of starting the drive by pulling the curtain makes it easy to operate and guarantees an extraordinary driving experience.

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  • Elegant work
  • DC motor with the function of gentle exposure and blocking. As you engage the drive and approach the limit position, the speed slows down making the curtain move more stylishly.
  • Electronic limit function
  • In the case of the electronic one, there is no need to manually set its position, which significantly reduces the start-up time. The electronic limiter automatically removes the difference in the limit position every day with precision over a long period of time.
  • Built-in receiver function
  • The drive for the curtain is equipped with a receiver compatible with all KNALL transmitters. The curtains can be controlled individually or in groups.
  • Resistance and stop detection function
  • The curtain will stop automatically when it meets resistance.
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Automatic electric curtain rails are delivered assembled, however, for lengths greater than 2 m, they will consist of several elements necessary to connect. The video shows a simple the method of mounting such curtain rails.

Obsluga Karnisza Knall.png (1.52 MB)

Handling the Knall Curtain Rod

Presentation of electric curtain rails that fit into the smart home ecosystem. Management: by remote control, by the application (also by the Google Assistant) and in emergency cases - manually

Obsluga i Programowanie Karnisza Knall.png (1.08 MB)

Operation and programming of electric curtain rails.

The video contains a "step-by-step" instruction for pairing curtain rods with a single-channel radio remote control and the method of setting the next limit points at which the curtain should stop.

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Our system works with the google assistant and amazon alexa applications

Prezentacja Lacznikow Karnisza Knall.png (1.01 MB)

Presentation of the arc connectors of KNALL electric curtain rod

Arc connectors of KNALL electric curtain rails

Parowanie i Uzywanie Pilota Wielokanalowego Karnisza Knall.png (1.00 MB)

Pairing and using a multi-channel remote control for KNALL electric curtain rails

A video showing how to pair and use the multi-channel remote control with KNALL curtain rails.

Laczenie Karnisza Knall z Aplikacja Google.png (1.11 MB)

Connecting KNALL electric curtain rod with a management application and Google assistant

An instructional video presenting the method of pairing KNALL electric curtain rails with the application for mobile devices and their operation via voice commands given to the Google assistant.

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