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Vertical blinds Classic 127mm


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Vertical blinds Classic 127mm Made to measure Vertical blinds in colour Itaca 1202 Black, in the Knall online store. Black is one of the most universal and timeless colours that is often chosen for its elegance and simplicity. Black is also associated with power and strength, which is why it is often used in fashion and design. It not only adds elegance, but also adds depth and mystery. Black is also a symbol of purity and pure form, which is why it is often chosen by designers and architects as a colour for walls or as an addition to the interior. Finally, black is also associated with seriousness and respect, which is important in many areas such as business and politics. In any case, black is a timeless and universal colour that will always have its place in the world of fashion, design, art and architecture.

Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

Vertical blinds Verticale with fins 127mm wide
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Perfect match Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

Perfect match

The Verticale 127mm vertical blinds in the classic version are the perfect alternative to curtains in apartments, hotels or offices. They are a very good solution in places where there are large areas to cover. Verticals are perfect for decorating large windows, including viewing windows. They perfectly help protect any room against excessive sun exposure, while increasing the sense of coziness and comfort. Very rich colors available, as well as various types of materials, allow you to match them to any type of interior.

We produce all our verticals to size, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

high quality Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

High quality materials

The vertical blinds we offer are made of selected materials, guaranteeing their highest quality. Verticale are equipped with the best quality mechanism that allows the slats to be moved and rotated .. Our Verticale is a very practical, comfortable and aesthetic solution. Vertical blinds as sun visors perfectly fulfill their function in homes, offices, banks and hotels. Verticale is not only decorative advantages, creating an individual and unique interior design, but above all the possibility of very precise regulation of the direction and amount of light entering.

Types of verticals Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

Types of verticals

Verticale is a guarantee of perfect sun protection and a great idea for covering large areas inside the building, such as glazed walls, separating workstations or dividing conference rooms. In our store you can buy 4 types of vertical blinds:

  • Classic 127mmclassic elegance, lamellas 127mm wide available 2 colors of the upper rail: white and silver control by means of chain + string and electric drive option, aluminum upper gutter with a classic shape
  • Classic 89mmclassic elegance, lamellas 89mm wide, 2 colors of the upper rail available: white and silver control by means of a chain + string and electric drive option, aluminum upper gutter with a classic shape
  • Premium 127mmprestigious half-round aluminum top rail available in 5 elegant colors: white, silver, brown, black and champagne. 127mm slats, control by means of a chain + string or rod.
  • Premium 89mmprestigious half-round aluminum top rail available in 5 elegant colors: white, silver, brown, black and champagne. Lamellas 89mm, control by means of a chain + string or rod.
Characteristics Vertical blinds Classic 127mm


  • very convenient and easy service
  • high level of product aesthetics
  • the upper rail is made of aluminum
  • quick assembly with ceiling clips or on wall brackets
  • slats made of 89 or 127mm wide materials
  • 5 unique top rail colors available in premium version
  • a wide range of colors and patterns of fabrics with different darkness levels, including also materials with hygienic and non-flammability attestation
  • possibility of using electric control
  • Maximum width: 4000mm (400cm)
    Maximum height: 4000mm (400cm)
vertical 1.png (763 KB) Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

Vertical 1

The Vertikal window cover is an ideal solution in offices or public buildings; it is also a way to create partition walls in e.g. doctor's offices. The Vertikal 1 series includes light fabrics in shades of ecru, with a different fabric weave or applied decorative patterns in gold or silver. The palette also includes beiges and browns, pomegranates and blacks. Some patterns have a golden thread. The slats are available in widths of 89 and 127mm.

vertical 2.png (1.52 MB) Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

Vertikal 2

The Vertikal 2 series offers an extensive color palette - from more subdued colors, e.g. white, ecru, beige, to e.g. intense fuchsia, orange or green in two shades, lighter and darker. vertikal will protect buildings with large glazing from the sun. The strips of material are put on a rail mounted to the ceiling, so they can also be used to create partition walls. The vertical is available in two widths: 89cm and 127mm.

vertical 3.png (1.48 MB) Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

Vertikal 3

Vertical 3 series is a collection of various lamella fabrics; both in terms of colors and textures of materials. The palette includes subdued colors - all shades of brown (light and darker), navy blue and gray, as well as white and black. There are also more intense colors - red, purple and green. In some patterns, the fabric is woven with a lighter thread, which creates a visual melange effect. The lamella fabric is available in two widths, 89 and 127mm.

vertical 4.png (1.37 MB) Vertical blinds Classic 127mm

Vertikal 4

The Vertikal 4 series includes smooth fabrics of a uniform color and fabrics with an irregular structure, which gives the effect of accentuating individual weaves and, as a result, the impression of color irregularity. The effect is also visible from a distance. The series is extensive in terms of colors, there are dark and light colors in it; in various shades. In addition, there are also intense colors such as turquoise, orange or yellow. Vertikal is a very good way to protect the headquarters of companies or institutions with large glazing from the sun. The width of the slats - 89 and 127mm.

All Vertical Blinds in the knall store

Vertical Blinds in the Knall store

Verticals are one of the most characteristic office window decorations. Recently, however, they have become more and more popular in home interiors. At Knall we provide made-to-measure Vertical Blinds for both office and home applications.

Knall how to order

How to order?

It is incredibly easy to buy in the Knall shop. Just fill in the required parameters of the product and add it to the cart. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to follow our instructions, which are under the question marks in the upper right corner of each checkbox. Before adding a product to your cart, you can always see its current price under the central photo.

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