FAKRO ARZ-H manual external roller blind - ARZ 102 Dark Grey


FAKRO ARZ-H manual external roller blind


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FAKRO ARZ-H manual external roller blind Made to measure roof roller blinds Fakro ARZ 102 Dark Grey, in the Knall online store. Gray is often thought of as dull or monotonous, but it can actually be very elegant and stylish. It is a universal colour that can be easily combined with other colours, and its subtle nature allows you to create a harmonious and coherent arrangement. Gray is also perfect for people who want to create a calm and relaxing environment. Thanks to its neutrality, gray is often chosen as a colour for walls, furniture or textiles, because it is easy to compose with other elements of the decor. It is neither too dark nor too light, so it can be easily adapted to different styles and tastes. To sum up, the gray colour is worth attention and can be used in many different arrangements and styles, creating harmonious and elegant interiors.

FAKRO ARZ-H manual external roller blind

FAKRO roof roller shutters protect against burglary and cover the window, protecting privacy and protecting against the sun.
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FAKRO ARZ-H external roller shutter, manual

The external roller blind ensures full comfort of using the attic because it protects against excessive heat, enables darkening of the interior, protects against outside noise and provides a feeling of privacy in the attic.

The roller blind thanks to the fact that it is mounted outside, it effectively protects on sunny days against troublesome heat. Aluminum lamellas are connected by a special rubber connector increasing the roller shutter armor resistance to weather conditions.


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The FAKRO quality system integrates all activities aimed at providing high quality products, in line with the expectations of customers, requirements of European standards and the requirements of various certification bodies.

Modern technologies, the use of effective methods, tools and techniques of production management, uniform operating procedures, employee training, continuous improvement of production processes and working conditions ensure consistent, high quality of the products offered. ANDAND our offer includes only original FAKRO products.


Characteristics of the FAKRO ARZ-H roller blind:

  • effective protection against bothersome heat,
  • reduction of heat loss in winter by up to 15% (for the window Uw = 1.3W/m2K),
  • darkening the interior,
  • ensuring a sense of privacy,
  • protection against UV rays,
  • protection against excessive noise,
  • the external roller shutter is an element that hampers burglary.
  • When using external roller blinds for window combinations, keep at least 20 cm distance between windows vertically and 10 cm between windows horizontally.
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FAKRO ARZ external roof roller shutters are a perfect combination of aesthetics, durability and efficiency, tailored to the needs of each user. They offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, while ensuring comfort and privacy in your home. Discover our entire offer of Roller shutters FAKRO ARZ today!

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