VELUX SML electric external roller shutters - SML/SSL S-HCMS-L Black


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VELUX SML electric external roller shutters

VELUX SML electric external roller shutters Made to measure roof roller blinds VELUX SML/SSL S-HCMS-L Black, in the Knall online store. Black is one of the most universal and timeless colours that is often chosen for its elegance and simplicity. Black is also associated with power and strength, which is why it is often used in fashion and design. It not only adds elegance, but also adds depth and mystery. Black is also a symbol of purity and pure form, which is why it is often chosen by designers and architects as a colour for walls or as an addition to the interior. Finally, black is also associated with seriousness and respect, which is important in many areas such as business and politics. In any case, black is a timeless and universal colour that will always have its place in the world of fashion, design, art and architecture.

VELUX SML electric external roller shutters

Roof roller shutters VELUX protect against burglary and cover the window, protecting privacy and protecting against the sun.
two years warranty safe shopping factory online 100% made in EU

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VELUX Zewnętrzne

VELUX roller shutters

From full illumination to complete blackout during the day - VELUX roller shutters guarantee comprehensive thermal protection regardless of the season. The shutters protect the attic from heating up in summer, and in winter, they keep the heat inside. They allow you to block the light from outside at any time of the day. They reduce noise during hail and rain, protect the window in difficult weather conditions and provide additional security for your home. Constructed of durable aluminum, they ensure maximum performance whatever the weather. We have tested them under the most extreme conditions to make sure they will serve you for years. Thanks to the award-winning design, they are perfectly integrated into the roof.

VELUX Zewnętrzne

VELUX electric roller shutters

Remotely controlled and electrically powered roller shutters are controlled by the VELUX INTEGRA® wall keypad that comes with the VELUX INTEGRA® roof window. It is a very intuitive solution that enables easy remote operation of roller shutters. The blinds can be controlled from anywhere in the room.

If necessary, the roller blind can also be raised or lowered manually using the positioning handle located at the bottom of the roller blind.

VELUX Zewnętrzne


  • 100% room darkening
  • Noise reduction of rain and hail
  • They provide optimal thermal comfort in the attic - reducing the heat input of sunlight by up to 95%
  • Optimization of the attic's energy efficiency - allows for savings both in air conditioning in summer and heating in winter - improved window insulation by 27%
  • The roller shutter design ensures maximum visibility
  • Awarded many times for design, incl. the IF Design Award 2012
  • A comprehensive solution, reducing noise and increasing security in the event of burglary, storm and hail.
  • Easy installation, perfect fit for VELUX roof windows, making installation quick and easy.

Power supply of an electric roller shutter in manual VELUX windows

If you do not have an electrically operated VELUX INTEGRA® roof window, but want to use electric roller shutter control, you can try the KUX 110 control system. It allows you to use VELUX electrically operated decorative or external roller shutters on manually operated velux roof window.


Original VELUX products

VELUX roller blinds are rigorously tested to ensure their best quality, you will benefit from their excellent operation and resistance to atmospheric effects after many years. Only original blinds are subjected to demanding tests, they are opened and closed thousands of times all to guarantee their highest quality.

Forget about difficulties with operating the blinds. All VELUX accessories are equipped with a unique, ergonomic control panel, thanks to which you can conveniently open the blinds from any angle. our offer includes only original VELUX products.

All Roller shutters VELUX in the knall store

Roller shutters VELUX in the Knall store

VELUX roof window shutters are a proven solution that protects windows against hail and the interior against outside noise, light and overheating. Discover our entire range of Roller shutters VELUX today!

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