Roller shutter - RL 02 White


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Roller shutter

External roller shutters External Roller shutters made to measure in colour RL 02 White, in the Knall online store. White is one of the most frequently chosen colours in interiors. It is associated with purity, freshness and elegance. White is also a neutral colour, which means that it can be easily combined with other colours. In the bedroom, you can use white walls and colourful accessories to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. In the kitchen and living room, white can add brightness and spaciousness to the room, which is especially important in small houses and apartments. White is also perfect for use as the main colour in minimalist interiors, where a few additions are enough to give the room a personal touch. In any case, white is a universal colour that not only adds elegance, but also helps to create a calm atmosphere in interiors.

Roller shutter

The Aluprof roller shutter is intended for building a window opening in external walls and internal buildings, used both in buildings that are under construction and already in existence smokers ??
two years warranty safe shopping factory online 100% made in EU

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roller shutters perfect fit

Perfect match

The external roller blinds and aluminium security shutters are ideal for a private home (or business as commercial shutters) and will provide a tough security barrier for any burglar.

exterior window shutters uk are perfectly insulates thermally, they protect privacy and peace, they provide an effective anti-burglary barrier and also improve the building's energy balance. They are often used as domestic roller shutter doors protection thanks to their durability for outdoor shutters. For their quality and exquisite apperance, some of our customers use our window shutters as interior shutters and decorative shutters.

We produce all our roller blinds to size, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

high quality roller shutters

High quality materials

The external aluminium security window shutters we offer are made of selected materials, guaranteeing their highest quality. Window frame exterior shutters profiles are made of high quality aluminum sheet. Depending on the height of the window opening and the height of the armor profile, the production of roller blinds uses different box sizes depending on the height of the roller blind. The roller blind's decorative aluminium shutters sheet has two-layer varnish coatings in the PUR-PA system, characterized by high abrasion and weathering resistance. Thanks to the foam filling the profiles, our metal shutters for windows are characterized by good thermal and sound insulation

roller shutters Automation


The external shutters are controlled manually - with tape or a rope and via a crank. Electric shutters for homes also make it possible to use automatic dusk sensors, time controls or systems integrated with the automation of the whole house. When choosing a traditional system, you must remember that the whole enclosure will be visible, and in some cases the box may overlap the glass or conservatory doors slightly.

Specification of electric motors:

  • Electric drive (mechanical endings) DM 35 S - 10/17 ¸ 40 to 18 kg, 10 Nm (without switch)
  • Electric drive with single-channel remote control (mechanical end caps) DM 35 R - 10/17 ¸ 40 to 18 kg, 10 Nm per remote control
  • Remote control for one roller blind
  • Remote control for many blinds max. 5 blinds
  • Our heavy duty outdoor roller blinds uk are great for use as automatic roller garage doors
  • Security roller shutters remote control replacement, if necessary, is very easy.
roller shutters characteristics

Blinds characteristics

  • thanks to the wide range of colors, they are perfectly matched to the appearance of the building
  • excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • significant improvement in the energy balance of the building
  • in cold season and winter they significantly reduce heating costs
  • in the summer they provide pleasant coolness and twilight giving rest to tired eyes
  • they protect privacy and ensure peace
  • made of selected materials, guaranteeing their highest quality
  • application to facilities under construction as already existing
  • are made of high quality aluminum sheet and can be used as a stylish external security applications
  • fabrics available in warm pastel colors
  • control manually or via an electric drive with a control system, allows for their comfortable operation
  • 2 years warranty also when using them as a garage door
  • Round and polygonal boxes are not available in wood-like colors
  • Insulated roller shutters will lower heating bills over time
roller shutter quiet hangers


For external roller shutters, we use special hangers with felt, which make the roller shutter run quieter, are more durable due to the longer arm and are made of stainless steel.
It prevents reflections on the armor and scratching of the armor after prolonged use of the blind

For automatic roller shutters with the SOMFY drive, we use a lock hanger that prevents the roller shutter from being lifted from the outside. Provides a rigid connection between the roller tube and the armour.

Knall external roller shutters

KNALL external blinds

The KNALL Aluprof outside shutters for house uk is a traditional and proven sun protection solution. lightweight roller shutter profiles are made of high-quality aluminum sheet. Depending on the height of the window opening and the height of the armor profile, the production of blinds uses boxes of the size depending on the height of the blind. The exterior rolling shutters sheet has two-layer varnish coatings in the PUR-PA system, characterized by increased resistance to abrasion and weather conditions. Thanks to the foam filling the profiles, our aluminium roller shutters crawley is characterized by good thermal and sound insulation and it will work great as aluminium plantation shutters

Knall roller shutters colours

KNALL external roller shutters - Colours

Short clip showing available Knall shutter colours.

All Roller shutters in the knall store

Roller shutters in the Knall store

Thanks to many years on the market, Knall has extensive experience in the production of a wide range of custom-made window coverings. One of our specialties are roller shutters. They are some of the most recognizable window covering systems on the market.

Knall how to order

How to order?

It is incredibly easy to buy in the knall shop. Just fill in the required parameters of the product and add it to the cart. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to follow our instructions, which are under the question marks in the upper right corner of each checkbox. Before adding a product to your cart, you can always see its current price under the central photo.

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