Terms and Conditions

Conditions of use for website knall.co.uk

By continuing to use this website you agree our terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Availability of the webpage

We will take every effort to maintain availability of our webpage, to provide that it stays uninterrupted and that any transmissions proceed without errors. Although, we cannot guarantee it because of the nature of the Internet. Maintenances, repairs or implementation of new services or solution may also from time to time suspend or limit access to this webpage. We will take adequate steps in order to limit the frequency as well as duration of such situations.                                                                                                                          

  • Access to the webpage

knall.co.uk provides you with a limited license for using this website for personal purposes, but you are not allowed to download (page caching is allowed) or modify the website's contents. It is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, sell, copy, resell, visit or otherwise use this webpage (together with its all visual materials, e.g. images, logos, descriptions) for commercial purposes.

  • Customers' data

We are entitled to refuse access to the webpage, remove or edit content, cancel orders or terminate account at our own discretion. In case of cancelling an order, the customer does not incur any costs.

In case of using the website, the customer is responsible for keeping his account and password confidential. The customer accepts responsibility for all actions that are connected with his account and password. If you think that your password may become known for any third party or it may be used in an unauthorized way, you should inform us promptly.

You should inform us immediately if there are any changes of your details that you provided upon registration.

  • Customer's behaviour

You are not allowed to use the webpage in a manner that may cause interruption of access to the webpage, its damage or impairment.

You are not allowed to use the webpage for purposes that do not comply with legal provisions, including, but not limiting to the activities that follow;

In relation to a criminal offence or other activity that does not comply with legal provisions:
Sending, using or reusing any materials that are of illegal, abusive, indecent, obscene, menacing or defamatory nature; or that violate copyrights, trademarks, confidentiality, privacy or other rights; or that are harmful to third parties in any other manner; or objectionable; or that include computer viruses, marks of political campaigns, commercial solicitation, mass mailings, chain letters or other forms of spam.

  • General

Any contents that are covered by the webpage, includings texts, graphics, logos, button icon, pictures, sound clips, digital downloads, compilations of data and of software, belong to knall.co.uk.

You are not allowed to extract or re-use the webpage's contents without our consent expressed in writing. You are not allowed to use any instruments for gathering and extracting data for the purpose of extracting any part of information included on the webpage.

  • Our agreement

Upon placing an order for a product from knall.co.uk, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of receipt of your order, with its full details.

The order that you placed is an offer for us to purchase an item, which we accept upon sending a confirmation e-mail stating that we have sent the product to you. If you receive an e-mail confirming dispatch of the parcel, it means that the acceptance is completed. All items of the same order, which have not been confirmed in the mentioned e-mail, are not included in the agreement.

  • Customs

In case of purchasing items for overseas shipping, you may need to incur duties and taxes. Such charges and all other charges relating to customs lay in your responsibility.


Returns & replacements

  • Returns

Before delivery, all items undergo quality inspection, but if there are any problems that you experience, please contact us.

We will take every effort to solve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible, and if there is such a need, you will receive a replacing product with no delay. If a customer returns goods that were delivered for free, resulting from the fact that value of the order was higher than £190, we are entitled to charge the delivery fee, if the returned products made the overall value of the order lower than £190.

  • Returns Address

All purchased products need to be returned in their original state to:

23 Farrier Lane

Please bear in mind that the colour that are present on our webpage pose only a representation of colours. We do not take any responsibility for the differences in colours and shades that may appear between the mentioned representations and the real material.

  • Returning of measure items

It is impossible to return made to measure items (such as blinds) that are ordered on and sent from our webpage by us or a third party.

However, it is only possible if manufacture is defective or the product became damaged in the transport.



  • How can I get my refund?

Every refund is made to a debit or credit card that is used while making payment for the ordered goods. We take every attempt to make the refund to a credit card or PayPal account of yours within two working days after having accepted the products that you returned.

It is important to embrace that this not relate to the processing time of your bank.

Upon completing the refund, the customer receives an e-mail with confirmation of information regarding payment, date and amount.

In case of placing an order with use of a debit or credit card, the sum will be refunded to this debit or credit card within 3 to 5 working days.

  • I have changed my credit/ debit card or it has expired. How can I get a refund then?

It is duty of Knall LTD to process all the refunds in accordance with the original method of payment used by the customer at placing the order.

It does not matter whether the payment card is now expired or not, or you cancelled or closed you account. It is typical that the refund be automatically processed to the same account, but the customer may be asked for other information coming from the order.

If it is not possible, proper arrangements will be made by our customer service team.

  • How will I get a refund if my product will be returned within the period of cooling off, i.e. in 7 days?

According to legal provisions, residents of EU are entitled to withdraw from the transaction of purchase within 7 business days, after the day, in which the purchased product is received. See your Statutory Rights for more information on that topic.

In case of cancelling the order within the mentioned cooling off period, and if we made no error, the customer will be refunded with the price of the products and the costs of delivery in the following manner:

If a customer wants to return a product that was included in a bigger order, he will be refunded with the per-product charge for delivery
If a customer wants to return all products from the order, he will be refunded with proper per-product delivery costs and the per-delivery fee that was incurred
If an item is collected from the customer, we have a right to recover the collection costs from the customer

  • My refund has not been sent to me. What do I do?

You should contact us is six working days have passed from the date of you receiving an email with confirmation of the refund.

The return status will be confirmed and the customer will be provided with a reference number relating to the refund, which can be used by the bank in order to trace the payment.

Refunds that are return or rejected will be issued again by a bank transfer or a gift card. The customer may be required to provide additional information with regard to this.


Postal Charges

  • Delivery costs

Every order, whose value exceeds £5000.00, will be delivered with no charge within the territory of UK. If value of the order is below the mentioned sum, there will be additional fee added covering delivery and packaging, to the amount of £29.90 with VAT.

* For all products where width exceeds 2000 mm (200 cm), 5 GBP is added to the shipping costs,

* For all products where width exceeds 2400 mm (240 cm), 50 GBP is added to the shipping costs, and for all products where width exceeds 4000 mm (400 cm), 290 GBP is added to the shipping costs

* We execute orders throughout the EU, the cost of shipping such an order depends on the recipient country and is added automatically.

* Shipments of large-size parcels such as: patio awnings, pergolas, garage doors are sent by a special dedicated transport, the cost of shipping such an order will be increased by 149 GBP when paying by bank transfer.

The purchased products will be sent via Royal Mail or another carrier company, depending on the goods. In case of applying a carrier company, the customer will be provided with adequate information as well as details regarding a tracking number that may be used in order to trace the parcel.

If there is an attempt of delivery, but the customer is out, there will be a card left, providing information on a local point, where the delivery can be collected. This collection point may be contacted, and a customer may arrange a new adequate date of delivery or collect the parcel himself. The customer is responsible to be available at the postal address that he chooses, where he can receive the products.