Winter garden under a Veranda awning

Beautiful winter weather outside; Snow and sun. And it was winter that "thought" to us of today's blog topic. A somewhat contradictory topic, because winter is hardly associated with a garden. A garden is green and summer, and winter in the garden is rather a dream. snowman.

But let's get back to the topic ... Conservatories are becoming more and more popular in architectural projects. Large glazing through which a lot of light enters the house, and additionally a separate space, all walls and roofing of which are made of glass panes. Such space is an ideal place for plants, even the more exotic ones. A place where we can enjoy a little summer in the middle of winter.

It sounds beautiful, but if we do not adequately obscure such glazing, a green paradise can quickly transform into an aquarium with unpleasantly high temperature. This is where Veranda awnings come in handy.

Veranda Marquis - what is it
Veranda awningsThey have been designed specifically with the idea of shading winter gardens from the sun, skylights or translucent roofs with flat or sloping roofs.

A winter garden can be a great place to relax, not only in winter, but also in summer. It seamlessly connects the house with the garden, and at the same time makes an extraordinary aesthetic impression when inside there are many different plants. We need them especially in winter, when it's gray outside.

Veranda is a type of textile roller blinds that will effectively shade a larger area of a glass roof. They are mounted in a simple manner on special handles made of aluminum. They can be mounted on the internal or external side; in both cases the awning fabric is electrically controlled. As the material is to cover a larger area of the roof, the product has been equipped with a fabric tension system, which in practice prevents loss of tension in the material. Thanks to this, the product not only protects against excessive sunlight, but also looks very aesthetically. The color palette, visible during the order syntax, also favors aesthetics.

Veranda awningsavailable in the Knall shop are made of extruded aluminum and powder coated; this concerns the cassette, guides and the bottom beam. Thanks to this, the awning installed on the external side will be resistant to the adverse effects of rain, snow or wind and will keep its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

This type of awning can be set up in a combined modular system, therefore it is possible to cover large glass surfaces of the roof. The system can cover the roof at any angle of inclination, despite the fact that the cassette is placed horizontally.

Additional advantages of the Veranda awnings
Of course, in the first place we are talking about the effective protection of the winter garden against the sun. The current climate change is a long and warm autumn, and even in winter really low temperatures are less frequent; in addition, hot summer and warm spring - glazed space requires a well-thought-out cover, because the glass acts like a magnet on the sun and the room heats up very quickly.
But this is not the only advantage of the Veranda awning that you should keep in mind. In the winter garden there must often be an air conditioner to cool it down in summer. The awning fabric cover, which prevents the room from overheating, is energy-saving and effectively helps to reduce energy consumption. We should also remember that the sharp sun, even in winter, can be unpleasant for the eyes, and the shading will make it possible to rest, read, work, etc. in the winter garden comfortably.