Modern and elegant electric curtain rails

Large windows have appeared in architectural designs for a long time. Often, especially in homes, they occupy the entire surface of the wall. There is nothing strange about this fashion - light gives us energy and we want our interiors to be full of it. Light is not only energy, but also space. Modern construction shows us that thanks to large windows, even smaller interiors are optically spacious.

However, large windows also require a deliberate way of covering them, because the light we like so much also means hot. The glass acts like a magnet in the heat. Protecting against indoor heat is one thing; the second important thing for interior decoration. We want our houses to look beautiful.

Decorative curtains appear more and more frequently in window styling. A large space of the window, covered with a beautiful natural material, undoubtedly makes an impression, and at the same time becomes cozy. However, the curtain in the large window is fabric of a size that may prevent it from sliding freely. And here they come to helpelectric curtain railsover which we effortlessly move the curtain with the help of an electric mechanism. Curtains on the ceiling rail are a comfortable and aesthetic, as well as practical solution.

Curtains on rails
The decorative curtain material also functions as curtains.Blackout curtains to idealne rozwiązanie np. do sypialni, natomiast lekki materiał w stylu firan świetnie sprawdzi się w przestronnym salonie, ale także w mniejszym pomieszczeniu - nie pomniejszy go optycznie i nada lekkości stylizacji wnętrza. W obu przypadkach electric curtain rails pozwolą bezproblemowo sterować powierzchnią tkaniny i ustawiać ją w dowolnym miejscu. Wyposażone są w system „miękki start/stop", który zapobiega bujaniu się tkaniny.

Every day, we close/pull back the curtains several times, especially when the sun is shining bright outside.Electric curtaine is a great convenience. It is also worth remembering that the electric curtain rail can run in an arc. Their motor is discreet; The electric curtain rail is therefore not only a comfortable solution, but also a stylish one.

Modern curtains
More and more often in our homes there are solutions in the field of home automation, the so-called smart home. All this serves to facilitate everyday functioning. Electric curtain rails perfectly fit into these solutions.

We conveniently control the heavy fabric of decorative curtains and we do not worry about arranging the light material of the curtains nicely, because the curtains on the ceiling rail are also an aesthetic decoration. The decorative look of the curtains is not only the fabric, but also the way they are pinned. Modern solutions combine practicality with aesthetics, which is clearly visible on the example of electric curtain rails. Curtains pinned up and easy to move, even in a large space, are the perfect solution where modernity goes hand in hand with style.