Velor in interior styling

The fashion for velor returns, a material associated primarily with glamor, because in the past it was reserved for royal and noble families. For some time velor was considered too "heavy" in interior styling, but now it is back, and it is in great style. Velor is a very durable material and belongs to the group of plush materials next to velvet, velveteen and plush.

From 2020, velor is one of the hottest trends in interior styling. In addition to durability, it is characterized by softness and a slight gloss, but its main advantage is that it gives the rooms a warm climate. That is why it is eagerly used in larger spaces, the appearance of which makes it warmer.

Where does velor appear? In accessories and upholstery of furniture - sofas, armchairs or pouffes. However, we want to draw your attention to the fact that beautiful decorative curtains are made of velor. The velor story is associated with the space of former mansions and palaces. Furniture upholstery, bed covers, side covers and curtains. This soft and shiny material can transform an ordinary interior into an atmospheric and warm space.

Velor curtains

Velor - a material in the past intended for noble families and used in the production of curtains since the Middle Ages, today it is again eagerly used in interior designs. Among plush fabrics, it is characterized by softness and a slight sheen, therefore it is perfect as a fabric of decorative curtains. It makes beautiful and soft folds. It is a thicker fabric, but not stiff. It creates a cozy atmosphere with a hint of exclusivity.

In the pastvelor curtainsthey could be associated mainly with art deco or glamor styles, now they also appear in more minimalist and eclectic designs. It all depends on the idea for the decor, to which the appropriate color of the curtains matches and decides whether they are to be a delicate complement to the design or a strong color accent.

The colors also depend on the size of the rooms. In larger spaces, you can choose darker colors or strong color accents. In smaller interiors where curtains are to be installed, subdued colors are better suited, as they do not significantly reduce the optical space.

The advantages of velor curtains

Apart from the fact that velor is a very beautiful and elegant material and can give the interior a unique, warm atmosphere, it is also a very durable material. That is why it is also used as a furniture upholstery. Curtains made of velor will keep their aesthetic and elegant appearance for a long time. Additionally, because it is a thicker fabric, it will effectively protect the interior against the sun and heating. After the curtain is closed, the shade inside will become deeper and it will remain cooler.

The curtains in our store are made to measure, so you can choose them for smaller and larger interiors. In addition, we also offerelectric curtain rails. Electric curtain rails perfectly support the fabric of a larger velor curtain. Since velor is a more massive material, the curtain for large windows will automatically be heavier, which may make it difficult to move and, as a result, reveal and cover the windows. An electric curtain rail will make moving a large surface of the curtain easy. It is equipped with a "soft start/stop" system to prevent the material from swinging when stopped; in addition, the system will stop the material when it encounters an obstacle.