Protection of office space against the sun

Office space must be effectively protected from the sun, not only because it hinders work, for example at computer monitors, but above all because it affects the eyesight. Working at the computer means also often working with documents, books, etc .; in practice, all the time we have to move our eyes from the screen to paper and vice versa. As a result, the whole time works, adapting to different surfaces. When the strong sun also works on the eyes very quickly, it can become irritated.

At the same time, protection against the sun can not mean blackout to an extent requiring the inclusion of artificial light. The guard must be chosen so that the office does not have an unpleasant twilight. Even the best artificial lighting can not replace natural light. Natural light should be dispersed, so that you can work with it without adversely affecting your eyesight. At the same time, the regulation of the cover - the degree of increase and decrease of the diaphragm - should be simple, so that at any time you can approach and reduce / increase shade or change the angle of incidence of light.

You can not forget about aesthetics. Office is a place where we spend most of the day, moreover, it is also often a place where we accept clients or business partners. Its interior should therefore be well cared for, and the guards chosen for its appearance and color, so that the whole would be coherent and aesthetic.

Vertical blinds inside (verticale) - a tasteful and functional office cover against the sun
When choosing a cover that protects the office from excessive sunlight, it is important to make it a practical and at the same time aesthetic product, as well as easy to assemble and clean. That is why the most frequently chosen are so-called verticale or internal vertical blinds. Verticals are easy to use and very aesthetic at the same time. Perfect for larger and tall rooms with large glazing. They will therefore be indispensable in office buildings, conference rooms, hotels or restaurants.

The vertical blind consists of belts (lamellas) placed on an aluminum strip. The belts are made of high quality material. By means of a string mechanism (also with an electric drive), the material belts can be set at any angle, thereby adjusting the degree of light fall. What is important, the control system is self-braking, thanks to which the belts fit nicely and do not change their position. Such a solution allows, depending on the time of day and the intensity of sunlight, to provide yourself with the right level of sunshine needed for comfortable work without unnecessary eye strain.

Assembly and maintenance in cleanliness
The entire vertical profile is very high quality, which translates into its durability. We mount the upper aluminum rail to the ceiling, then place the fins on it. The material of vertical blinds can be easily dismantled and repaired so that we can easily keep everything clean. In addition, we have an extensive color palette here and we can easily adjust the color verticali to the office decor.

Because of the way the verticale assembly has an additional advantage - you can make them a departmental wall. This option will be particularly useful, for example in medical or cosmetic offices. By sliding the lamellas, the patient can be comfortably prepared for the procedure without the need to set up a small aesthetic screen or to put additional office walls unnecessarily.