Style of fabric blinds

Material blindsbelong to the group of internal window covers. An undoubted advantage of this type of cover is the ability to give the interior spaciousness. Blinds are mounted in the window space and therefore do not need unnecessarily space in the room, compared to traditional curtains and curtains. Their colors, high quality of the furniture and its tasteful appearance mean that apart from the obvious function of covering the windows, the fabric blinds will also be easily adapted to the style in which they are designed. interior ™ interior.

For years, blinds are not associated only and with protection from the sun. Currently, first of all, attention is paid to their ability to emphasize and supplement room design projects. The quality of the materials and the entire equipment, rich colors and, above all, the fact that the blinds are ordered for the size indicated, make this type of cover satisfy even the most demanding.

Material blinds - color

The advantage of the fabric blinds is undoubtedly that they are light and equipped with a gentle-looking fixture, which gives the rooms a subtle character. Their "step" is a very extensive palette of colors, so you can go crazy with color and do not worry that the whole thing will look a little tasteful. Usually, it's the first thing that arises design of the whole interior, and then the time comes to decide on the style and color of the window covers. To avoid mistakes when combining the colors, it's worth getting to know • color characteristics Let's start with the so-called universal colors, they include white, black and gray. Versatility means that you can combine them with multi-colored interiors; to "distort" and attract attention, but only to complement the whole. Other colors are generally divided into cold and warm.

Cold includes shades of blue, violet and green. Their use gives the impression of coolness, calmness and favors concentration. In turn, the group of warm colors includes shades of yellow, reds and shades of orange. This group of colors has the ability to insulate the interior, give them coziness and a revitalizing character. When selecting, you can use the so-called "color circle", on which you can see harmonious color combinations, you can also decorate the interior on the basis of contrast, then, for example, to light walls, we choose blinds in the dark and the depth the colors are patterned, and the patterned rooms are smooth and subdued, and there will be stylizations in which both the interior and the style are characterized by the use of different designs. Then it is better to use one color and its shades.

Material blinds indoors

Material roller blind it is a type of cover in which we adjust the light supply by raising and lowering its material; we do not have the possibility to adjust the angle of incidence of light. Deciding on the choice of color is worth remembering, because after leaving the material the entire surface of the glass will be closed. In the living rooms (kitchen, living room), bright colors can be applied, thanks to which, after the cover is closed, a pleasant room will be in the rooms. In turn, colors can be played, for example, in children's rooms or bedrooms. If, however, we want all the covers in the house to be in light colors, you can use a group of rubberized fabrics, 100% obscuring. Then in the bedroom or in the children's room there will be darkness suitable for rest.

Installation of this type of blinds is very simple. We install them in the light of the glass, on the window sash or on the wall/ceiling. In the Knall online store, all assembly groups are clearly marked. Also marked is the method of embedding the material: microcassette, half-shell or without a cassette. Of course, all our blinds are produced on indicated dimension.