How to effectively protect offices against the sun

High temperatures outside the window and blazing heat inside - this is the worse side of hot summer. Working in the office or visiting the office in the summer can be very burdensome if the interior is not properly shaded. Air conditioning does not work everywhere and not everyone wants or can use it.

Window verticals are perfect for offices, conference rooms, doctor's offices or beauty salons, or in public utility buildings.

What are window verticals characterized by?

Wertikale (or verticale - the name is spelled differently) means vertical blinds. Their lamellas are arranged vertically and their characteristic feature is that they are made of a special fabric resistant to settling of dirt (dust, etc.). The strips of fabric are placed over the top rail and loaded underneath. This makes the vertical stripes of the fabric fit nicely and makes them easy to move.

We are used to the fact that the lamellas of the blinds are rigid (wooden or aluminum blinds), but in the case of verticals it is different. As a result, they can be used not only to cover the window space, but also to create partition walls, e.g. in doctor's offices.

Verticals - sun protection and aesthetics

Verticale not only shade from the sun. They will also ensure a nice and aesthetic appearance of the entire interior.

A huge advantage of verticals is that they can cover the space from ceiling to floor. Offices are very often located in glass buildings where the glass pane forms the wall, and therefore window verticals are an ideal solution. Vertical fabric strips are produced in two widths - 127mm and 89mm, thanks to which they blend in nicely with spacious open space rooms, conference rooms or offices.

The fabric can be set at any angle by regulating the amount of solar heat falling inside. The material can also be pulled down completely to reveal the windows. Importantly, the flexible and well-weighted fabric at the bottom allows you to tilt the windows with the shutter closed. Light gusts of wind will not hurt her.

Ordering procedure

Vertical price - the price appears when placing an order in our online store. Depends on the size of the product ordered. Customized verticals are a very good solution because this way of placing an order allows you to adjust the blind to a specific interior. Window verticals can be combined into modules and thus protect a large space from the sun.

The colors are also selected when placing the order. It should match the overall design of office interiors. However, it is worth remembering that lighter fabrics give a sense of more space and optically enlarge the interior. In addition, they do not darken the rooms, which may be important when working in the office.