Outer window guards - untypical protection

The outer window guards are an unusual protection of windows and the interior. First of all, because in addition to protecting the room from heating, it fulfills many other, very different functions. These functions are related to the security of the whole building.

Let's start with protection from sun and heating. External blinds it is considered here to be the most effective, more effective than internal ones. This is due to the way they are assembled. Because they are placed outside, the roller shutter armor is in front of the window pane. In this way, solar rays do not interact with it, and as you know, windows are responsible for heating the room. In the middle a pleasant temperature prevails even during the most hot days. This function of external roller shutters can have a special meaning in the attic windows. The attic is usually the hottest. Not only the windows, but also the entire roof warm up. It is therefore necessary to carefully plan the cover of the attic windows to protect the interior as much as possible from heating. The more so that the attic is quite a specific space, often intended for bedroom, children's room and bathroom. There should be a good temperature there, otherwise it is difficult to talk about a rest during the hot months. And summer temperatures grow every year. The only downside to external blinds is that after leaving them, the armor virtually completely obscures the interior. You have to remember about it by deciding to assemble them.

And what about the other functions? Below are the most important ones:

  • Glass protection. The roller shutter armor not only protects the windshield from heating. It also protects them from damage. The weather in Poland is clearly changing. In the summer we are more and more often dealing with violent rainfall, also hail, which can easily destroy the windshield. The closed outside roller shutter will effectively prevent this.
  • Protection against breakage. The outer cover protects the house against attempts to break in. The high-quality material of the cover and the technologically advanced construction can effectively protect the home interior from thieves.
  • Noise protection. The armor of the roller blind, after leaving, silences the interior of the house. It is not only safer in it, but also quieter. It is worth to think about it; especially if the house is closer to the city center or on a busier street.
  • Protection against heat loss (energy efficiency).In summer, the roller shutter armor protects against heating. In the winter, however, it keeps the heat in the middle. Most of the warmth not only gets into the interior, but also escapes through the glass. That is why this type of blinds will work very well in energy-saving homes.

Outer shields in the Knall online store
Let's start with the assembly external roller shutters offered in the Knall store does not have to be planned at the building design stage. Our adaptation systems allow you to mount this type of cover in a finished building.

Other important issues are related to aesthetics, in this case the entire building. Here, attention should be paid to the fact that everything is prepared fordimensionthat the customer provides. There is therefore no possibility that the blind does not fit in completely. In addition, there is a color palette available to the buyers, which was composed in such a way that the color of the blinds could be freely chosen for the color of the building. Because they cover the windows from the outside, they must nicely and aesthetically blend in with the whole facade.