Fashionable Christmas decorations 2019

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A special time of Christmas is coming. The time when time slows down for a moment. The house on these few days of the year can completely change its atmosphere. Not only in appearance, but also in climate. It smells of Christmas tree and Christmas dishes, but also something solemn and indefinite.

The change in appearance is associated with decorations that are supposed to emphasize the festive mood. We want them to be special, just as the time when we prepare them is special. Symbols related to the time of Christmas appear. Common denominators referring to tradition are connected with the accents of a certain modernity. So what is the most fashionable in 2019?

Let's start with the Christmas tree. A timeless symbol, a tree often occupying a central place in a holiday home. In 2019, it still reigns alive and fragrant forest. However, if we decide on artificial one is becoming more and more fashionable white.

We already have a Christmas tree, now we go to the most important - how to decorate it. Here are this year's trends. White, red, silver and gold ornaments still appear most often on the green Christmas tree. Until now, the most classic combination was gold and red. This season, gold baubles, asterisks or chains are accompanied by black, navy blue or emerald ornaments. In turn, white and silver colors perfectly harmonize with interiors decorated in a minimalist and modern style. Hand-made decorations are also very fashionable this year; made of paper or crochet (openwork).

Increasingly, vintage style also appears in the proposals. This is something for lovers of decorations stored for years somewhere in the attic or in the basement. The ornaments are then colored, often collected by different generations; everybody can have an interesting story connected with them. If we choose an artificial tree, the offer often includes white Christmas trees, often with imitations of snow or frost on the needles.

colors are not only a Christmas tree, but also various types of decorations appearing at home or on the holiday table. The most classic duo is of course green (darker, bottled) and red. This year, however, dark colors are increasingly appearing in decorations, including navy blue, cobalt, emerald and black combined primarily with gold, but also white, red and silver. However, this is not about glamor and saturation, but rather about elegance and delicacy in details. Interesting materials also appear: natural linen, velvet or stoneware. And of course candles in colors that harmonize with the whole decor.

Christmas is accompanied by classic decorative motifs; Christmas trees, snowflakes or stars. However, this season there are elements that are not associated with the holiday season, e.g. artificial feathers adorning baubles or garlands.

In addition to ready-made decorations in the proposals for Christmas, home decorations, we also have those created by nature. These include dried orange slices, anise stars, decorated gingerbreads, pine cones, mistletoe and conifer branches. You can make beautiful Christmas decorations from the branches of conifers or mistletoe. Decorate the green Christmas tree with cones and gingerbread. For this, candles and we have a unique mood. In addition to the original appearance, we also have a unique fragrance that comes out of the natural decorations.

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas we wish our clients all the best of luck and joy.

Let the coming New Year 2020 bring only good times.

Knall team


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